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Recent content by poor mystic

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    Idea for a microphone.

    Thanks KAK those microphones seem to work on a different principle... although they are "light microphones" I don't think they are "interference detector light microphones". Does anyone know of any low-frequency i.r. monochrome sources and detectors? It would want to be a wavelength of at least...
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    Idea for a microphone.

    Hi People! :-) I've had an idea for a monochrome light microphone, which I have rendered as a drawing, attached. The detector consists of a monochrome source (l.e.d.), a reflective membrane (gold leaf) some distance from the source, a static reflective element, and several randomly-placed...
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    Can the potentiometric mixer be used in up conversion?

    Looks to me like it can. It'll depend on the frequencies of course, which have to be within the range of the devices.
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    multiplexer timing constraints

    Hi! Give us a wee hint what's going on here! Is this to be sent over your own bearer or what? But ordinarily you send your PCM stream on a pretty tight basis, with about as good attention to timing as is possible since relativistic effects are important here. PCM timing comes from atomic clocks...
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    Question about bearer for radio signals geometry

    transmission planes Hi Everybody! I wish to make a special purpose bearer for radio signals. The bearer is to be a section of a plane within which the speed of light is to be reduced to c0/2 (c0 is speed of light in empty space). I anticipate that the bearer will be made of 2 sheets of metal...
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    How this circuit works?

    Listen there's still a bit more to know at our end please! We're not magicians! I hope you'll let me, a junior member, have another go now I've read the thread. The FET's job is indeed to initiate a magnetic "grab". The hold current of a real-world industrial solenoid is much, much less than...
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    Running opamp off voltage divider, a good idea or not?

    and I get to laugh at myself too!
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    How this circuit works?

    Here is what I saw before I read the thread: A time-varying signal is presented to the input of a Schmidt Trigger, which "cleans' the waveform by removing many potential glitch hazards. In the "0" state of 1Y a current is drawn through the actuating l.e.d. of an isolated, opto-coupled...
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    Running opamp off voltage divider, a good idea or not?

    I would like to know how you get on.
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    Running opamp off voltage divider, a good idea or not?

    Thanks Keith. Of course there must be some power wasted in the exercise; the regulator must fight the potential divider, which is set to a convenient voltage and source resistance..
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    Figures for air velocity and temperature properties..

    Hi I started to look for the information you want, but was unable to proceed because you have supplied so little information. I know that in some countries a house isn't considered livable unless the rooms actually seal when the door is closed, while I have been in foundries where the gale would...
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    Running opamp off voltage divider, a good idea or not?

    May I suggest an alternative approach to the virtual earth? Although the thread has rather moved on! What about using a 3-pin power supply regulator, driving and correcting a potential divider which is set somewhat below Vs/2. I imagine this may provide a suitable hard reference.
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    Any idea how this magic trick is done?

    I must contradict the last post in every respect. I saw people using the same teaspoons a few minutes before. I watched from right beside him as he, and later the girl, stroked the spoons. I watched the end of the spoon lift up and curl. Then the man held a straight spoon in a different way, and...
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    Faraday cage basics: cage or box?

    Faraday cage basics I found the following link which appears to be helpful: https://www.physlink.com/education/askexperts/ae176.cfm. BTW I have entered a large Faraday room made of 1/2 inch lead in which a "Giant" Tesla coil was set to work. The room provided an effective shield at those...
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    Physical significance of current source

    I am not really able to comment on what may happen in the case of an infinite load, but I think you mean a load that tends to infinity and I think you are on the right track. A current source is a quantified and limited thing. When you think of a voltage source you should remember that voltage...

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