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Recent content by pona

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    current sensing circuit

    Hi, I want to design a circuit which can detect current pulses and give static voltage in accordance with current passed. For example if a current pulse of 10ms duration passes through my circuit than I want my circuit to give voltage and hold it there. I have tried using sense circuits for dc...
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    current-sense amplifier

    The delay is 150 us approx and its slow for my application. Is it possible that this slow output is the result of slowly varying input?
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    current-sense amplifier

    I am using this current-sense amplifier. When i change the load resistance, the output of amplifier increases and decreases in the form of ramp. I want it to change in the form of square wave. I am using Lm139 opamp.
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    [SOLVED] need help on mosfet circuit

    thanks alot alex for replying.
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    [SOLVED] need help on mosfet circuit

    I have tried all these options of using two mosfets including pnos and low side nmos switch but none works. So now i'm trying to use a single high side nmos switch as shown. But still its not giving correct results. What can be the problem?
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    [SOLVED] need help on mosfet circuit

    I have attached the complete circuit. Load is a resistor of 5 ohms.
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    [SOLVED] need help on mosfet circuit

    The control logic in fig1 generates a high(10v) or low(0v) signal to supply the gate of M2 to turn it off or on which will then turn M1 on or off. The mosfet M2 alone works fine with circuit shown in fig 2 but when I connect it with M1, M1 doesn’t turn on or off. What can be the problem? Do I...
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    inverting opamp compensation

    okay thanks a lot
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    inverting opamp compensation

    yes now it gives correct output. Whats the reason behind using dual supply?
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    inverting opamp compensation

    Single supply of 20V
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    inverting opamp compensation

    I am trying to simulate a circuit in ORCAD including basic inverting operational amplifier whose gain is 250 and input is 10mV. The opamp used is LM124. The output should be -2.5V but when I simulate it the output is -167.68mV. I have also used a compensation circuit consisting of a resistor...
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    Overcurrent protection

    I want to design an overcurrent limiter for low voltage applications. I have searched net and only found circuits with atleast 0.7 volts voltage drop. Can anyone plz help me in designing circuit with lower voltage drop?
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    undervoltage circuit explanation

    can anyone plz explain the role of diode Dg in attached circuit.\beta
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    simulation of undervoltage protection circuit

    Hey i want to simulate undervoltage protection circuit in orcad. How can i design the circuit so that load voltage decreases to say half its original value after 5m seconds?

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