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    Need help for Thesis topic

    need help in thesis topic Monte Carlo simulation of every part in digital communications systems is a very nice topic for thesis. You can model every impairment in the channel and then use every method to combat it. The final performance measure can be system probability of error.
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    Microwave Engineering

    collin microwave engineering solution Pozar is OK and one other nice book is Collin's Microwave book.
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    difference bteween laplace transform and z transform

    You must use z transform for discrete time signals and laplce transform for continous signals.
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    why always impulse response?

    The most important characteristic of the impulse response is that when we know it we can simply find the response of the system to every input. This can be done by convolving the input with the impulse response.
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    How to build a simple white noise generator ?

    how to make a white noise generator A Psedue Noise genarator in one of the simplest ways.
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    Looking for simple example of Matlab program for MCMC

    mcmc+matlab A simple signal processing example to understand concepts.
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    which is best site for downloading books

    www gigapedia org books rapidshare.com
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    Microcontroller or FPGA

    I also prefer Microcontroller.
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    How to label a text at the top of each axis in Matlab?

    Re: matlab question You can find good tutorials in www.mathworks.com in the support sectiona download part.
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    Help me build Frequency Doubler (110vac 60Hz - 110vac 120Hz)

    Re: frequency doubler You can also use a nonlinear device such as diode and a filter at 2*f.
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    Why we need high differential input resistance in an OPAMP?

    Re: input resistance For a large input impedence.
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    Best text for Electronics Course (transistors, etc)

    electronics horowitz I suggest Behzad Razavi - Fundamentals of Microelectronics
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    Confusion about decibel

    There is no difference to use 10loP or 20 logV.
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    What's the relation between dB and dBm?

    Re: dB and dBm 16dbm+3db=19dbm
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    Matlab, How to get frequency spectrum?

    plot frequency matlab Use psd(x) function.

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