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    Can a PDA control a PIC ?

    Re: PDA PIC control RS232 is possible on PDAs! You can use this!
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    Companies which offer online free sample ordering

    free ic samples delivery in philippines How I can request sample from atmel? I read thet someone did it!
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    Cypress Wireless USB modul

    Hy! Is there anyone, how can tell me, how I can use the Wireless USB modul with BASCOM AVR? Source code, or anyting else? Thx
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    MAX6958 LED display driver

    Nobody can help me?
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    MAX6958 LED display driver

    Hy all! I tried to drive this device from the datasheet, but I have some problem... In no decode mode, it is working until I tried to set 4 segment on any digit! After I tried to set the 5th digit, all start to blink... The Vcc current is about 800mA, so it should be enought! Thanks
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    BASCOM-8051 and 89c420

    89c420.dat I tried to write a simple program, which is use the serial port, and send something to the computer, but it doesn't work! I got some error message after the compile! The code should be good, because if I choose an another chip in the Options/Compiler/Misc, the code can be compiled...
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    DS89C420/430/440/450 Programmer Schematic , 8052 Core

    Which other type of chip's can I programme with this device?
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    How to program ds89c420 via LPT port?

    Anyone has a simple schematic to program this device? If it's possible, to the LTP port! Thx
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    Does AT 24c64-10PI work in 3V system?

    Is it working in 3V system?
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    Simple ATTINY2313 programmer

    attiny2313 programmer Is there anyone, who can help me? I'd like to found a simple low cost programmer for attiny2313! Thx a lot!
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    90s2313 and attiny2313

    90s2313 Hy all! Till now, I used 90s2313, and now I want to use attiny2313. The base problem is: how I can programme the new chip? I used Fun-card programmer, with IC-Prog 1.05D to programming the 90s2313 chip, and I'd like to know, can I use it with the tinny2313? Thank for your answer...
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    How know asm, pls help me!

    Hy all! I have a big problem! I don't know the asm language! Is there anyone, how can translate me this file bellowe to BASIC (Bascom-AVR)??? Please help me!!! Thx a lot!
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    I want to make an IR data logger!

    Is there anyone, who can help me? Pls!!! Its important! Thx!
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    I want to make an IR data logger!

    Hy! I'd like to make an IR data logger with 90s2313 in basic language if it possible! The idea: measure the ir signal's length, measure the break's length between two signal, store it into a buffer, and send it to the computer throw the RS232 port! After it, a program recieve the data, and...
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    Decoding remote control with IR decoder

    IR reciever Any idea for my motion?

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