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Recent content by pika

  1. pika

    Looking for -2.5V Output Negative Linear Regulator

    Hi: I am looking for -2.5V fixed Output Negative Linear Regulator. I've tried LM337 to adjust to -2.5V, but it needs precision resistor ratio to get desire voltage. The spec of max1735 seems to meet my requirement. I am wondering if there exists any other choice.
  2. pika

    How to get exactly -8V with 7908?

    negative voltage regulator 7908 Vin is 12V and the Vout is -8.2V min. How to get exactly -8V with 7908? I need exactly -8.0V.
  3. pika

    Question about LGA, QFN package chips...

    hand solder lga Hi, all: Is it possible to solder LGA, QFN package chips by hand? Any suggestions? Thx!
  4. pika

    Cypress PSOC device programming.

    cypress y-programmer You can request Free PSoC Express 2.1 Software Evaluation Kit here. There is a Y-programmer included in the kit. **broken link removed**
  5. pika

    How to wire a SMA connector and RG174 coaxial cale?

    How to correctly wire a SMA connector and RG174 coaxial cale? Are there any tuotorial on the correct procedure? I have a clamp for SMA, SMB connrector.
  6. pika

    RS 232 Viewing Software

    realterm comspy Serial Watcher → Good & Free! https://groups.yahoo.com/group/PCRemoteControl/files/serialwatcher.zip
  7. pika

    Which DSP evaluation board is good?

    motorola dsp eval boards Would you try to use FPGA-Based DSP Development Tool? https://www.altera.com/products/devkits/altera/kit-dsp_starter.html
  8. pika

    mixed signal microcontrollers

    Ya! You can try Cypress PSOC Configurable Mixed-Signal Array with On-board Controller. https://www.cypressmicro.com/
  9. pika

    [REQ] PSoC ICE schematics

    I have asked a Cypressmicro engineer about the schematic file of PSoC ICE. But he told me it is confidential.
  10. pika

    At94S: a new SOC from Atmel

    difference between cypress and atmel Do you know what is the difference between Cypress's PSoC and Atmel's SoC ? Which one is better for educational purpose? THX~
  11. pika

    Looking for information about SD Memory cards

    Will the file be useful ? Uploaded file: **broken link removed**
  12. pika

    VSIA standards documents needed

    Check the link.... https://www.vsi.org/library/specs/summary.htm
  13. pika

    Useful Material for Learning Cypress PSoC

    https://www.cypressmicro.com/teletraining/body.htm They provide "Free" training resources for customers, technical sales and applications support partners. <font size=-1>[ This Message was edited by: pika on 2002-04-21 04:27 ]</font>
  14. pika

    How can I identify zener diode's breakdown voltage ?

    Are there any circuits can measure zener diode's breakdown voltage?

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