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    Looking for PCB-3 in pdf and Protel formats

    willem програматор pcb3 in pdf format : www.geocities.com/mpu51 or https://mpu51.tripod.com/eprom/eprom.html
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    PIC and SX Programmer Schematic

    i need too too too the pcb for picprog v3 ;-) anyone have it ?? thanks. / Warning #1 - No "me too" or other useless posts at elektroda!
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    What is the best program for altera 7032

    what is the best program to compil for altera 7032. Thanks
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    PicBasic 2.43 release changes/fixes

    Thanks for info Thanks for this info.
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    propic2 one single board layout design

    Thanks thanks for this. this is a another adress to propic2 pcb. www.geocities.com/mpu51
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    Pic Basic Plus(Activation Code)

    info !!! picbasic plus 1.23 is Crownhill picbasic pro 2.42 is Melabs Don't confuse version and program... (edited by a moderator)
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    EPIC programer need shematic +soft

    e246beta.zip thanks i use it with the beta version of epic. if anyone have a full final pm me for test ;-) Tanks
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    27sfxx,27cxxetc programer

    and this www.geocities.com/mpu51
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    PIC BASIC 1.4 - I need the program, please help

    i have pic basic pro, the version is 2.4 i don't have picbasic 1.4 !!! pm me your email to send this.

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