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    Control the RPM of a driller.

    Hi I want to control the RPM of my electric driller. The range is 40 to 3000 RPM, 220 volts, AC. What is the best circuit to this? Thanks in advance. P.D. sorry for my bad english.
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    Laser for cut Balsa wood

    Hi I read is possible cut Balsa Wood with Laser, somebody have details for this. Thanks in advance. bye
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    16F628 internal oscillator with pic basic???

    16f628 en basic You need to configure more things: @ DEVICE pic16f628, WDT_ON or @ DEVICE pic16f628, WDT_OFF @ DEVICE pic16f628, PWRT_ON or @ DEVICE pic16f628, PWRT_OFF @ DEVICE pic16f628, BOD_ON or @ DEVICE pic16f628, BOD_OFF @ DEVICE...
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    Programmers for EEPROMs or PICs

    jdm programmer transistors Unfortunatly no, my english is not very well for make a English version. But the diagram is very clear **broken link removed** **broken link removed** Only with the diagram you cam build it. I made the 4 programmers and all works fine. If you don't find a english...
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    Programmers for EEPROMs or PICs

    jdm programmer by feng I recommended the PP2, use the parallel port of the PC or notebook, need external source but programs a lot of PIC's and Eproms, and if you build the adapters can program another micros. **broken link removed** Sorry but the pages are in spanish, if not understand i can...
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    Programmers for EEPROMs or PICs

    how to build jdm programmer Its differents things. JDM Programmer is the hardware, is a simple programmer, only need a few components (resistors, capacitors, diodes and transistor), very good for the beginners, use serial port, normally works fine in desktop computers but have some problems in...
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    Looking for schematics of PIC USB Programmers

    winpic800 3.55g What version of winpin800 are you using?
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    willman microcontroller programer kit

    gtp programmer Wakaka: The ICSP don't need power from the Pic circuit, don't connect power from the GTP USB to power from the Pic circuit, only connect the ground of both circuits and Vpp, Data and Clock. The GTP USB have to groups of connectors: Vpp, Vss, Data and Clock for the ICSP. Vpp...
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    Microwave Office 2004

    Hi: Somebody have Microwave Office 2004 demo to donwload please. Thanks in advance. Bye
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    We are all from China

    Re: From China Not in Shenzhen, this is in Jiang Nin District. But maybe help you. Bye
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    Looking for diagrams of 433.92 MHz RF modules

    Re: RF Modules Are you kidding Straw? My Location is PERU !!!!
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    Measuring Oscilloscope Probe Capacitance

    measure capacitor through oscilloscope Hi Where i put the AC capacitor in this diagram and how it to affects the value of capacitance probe's? Thanks
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    My Programer Doesn't Burn The PIC16F84A + Help

    What proggrammer do you have? JDM, PROPIC2, TE20 How is your voltaje in Vpp? Give us more detail, is very difficult help you without this.
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    willman microcontroller programer kit

    gtp usb pic Ful Babu: I make a mistake and apologize for it, but i only try to help you. Sispic is still alive. Any way, if you don't have good ways i can't help you. Bye

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