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    ULTR-BROADBAND ANTENNA - books or papers needed

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    Which EDA software is better, Eagleware or ADS?

    ads Hi, Eagleware is no good for highly nonlinear circuit...
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    2.5d simulator accuracy - some info

    antenna comparison I seen great differences in slot antenna design....
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    What are the available antenna design tools for PCB or 868-915 Mhz bands?

    download nec4 numerical electromagnetics code Are you referring to only microstrip antenna??? I have missed out on the above topics...Many are not answering the questions....
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    What do we mean by Two Identical Antennas?

    antenna Perhaps, by identical one can compare the typical four antenna parameters, namely, bandwidth, gain, efficiency and beamwidth.
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    Slotted patch antennas - the prototype

    slot antenna You may like to refer to K C Gupta's book...
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    Req: Antenna Gain measurement

    measure antenna Make sure the polarisation is not in the direction of the ground....It may induce a lot of errors...
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    Req: Directional antenna circuit needed for wild life applic

    antenna Hi, can you be more specific in the antenna specs???
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    FDTD software: useful or not ?

    fdtd fdtd is good for open-boundary problem and less accurate for closed boundary problem...
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    Which software gives better simulation results ADS or MWO?

    black box design ADS is good for black box design.
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    key to point to different page of attachment????

    Can there be a key to fast jump the page in attachment???? Going from 1 to 59 pages in a sequential manner is rather inconvenient....
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    What is the best code for planar patch antenna array synthesis?

    ensemble Ensemble may be good for this....
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    What is the best way to excite a single layer patch antenna

    excitation probe fed is the best for its convenience...
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    Parallel EM solver - has anyone tried it?

    parallel code Is it possible to share your available code?? I am interested....
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    multilayer characteristic impedance

    multilayer and impedance I am looking for an equation for multilayer microstrip characteristic equation....... Any help from guru????

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