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    How to make a PIC18f programmer that can be burned from MPLAB?

    pic programmer cn any one tell me how a bootloader for pic works.nd please suggest a bootloader prgm available for 18Fxxxx(or is it chip specific)...thnx for all the replays friends
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    Wireless digital video transmission (from robot camera to PC)

    hi..i m making a robot in which im planning to put a camera.the video from the camera has to be transmitted wirelessly to a pc.i want to know, 1.Is there any digital methods by which i can get a medium quality image at pc.. (I cant use bluetooth modules in the robot) 2. if I use analogue...
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    How to make a PIC18f programmer that can be burned from MPLAB?

    can any one tell me how to make a 18f programmer that cn be directly burned from mplab. i ve seen such a programmer at techfest iitb.it is connected via usb and the programmer ckt is cloned on the device board itself.r they using a downloader pgm or something like that??
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    How many images can be transmitted using fsk modules?

    help me hi all, In my mini project i ve to transmitt images taken by a ccd camera to a pc wirelessly.i m planning to use pic microcontrollers on both sides.i want to know how many images can be transmitted if im using readily available fsk modules(or is there any faster...
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    sounded robot possible?

    yes it is possible.u ve to capture the sound from two sides of the robot.this signals should be conditioned before connecting to adc channels of 877a.the signals frm 2 sides is compared to get the direction of sound

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