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Recent content by pchung_94565

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    Searching for STi5516 pinout or datasheet

    Re: datashet sti5516 Hi Boss, How about the STI5517, that will very helpful. Best Regards
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    Help to choose the 8 port 1GbE Switch Chip, please!

    marvell 98dx datasheet https://www.marvell.com/ 98DX family may work for you, DNA require to get data sheet
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    How to divide the frequency by means of flip flop ?

    Re: frequence division aviation electronics use connectors with mixed pins and coax, but that one is not familiar to me
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    EDIF 300 to EDIF 200 translator

    edif 200 Thanks, but looking for free version
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    EDIF 300 to EDIF 200 translator

    edif300 Is any software translate EDIF 300 to EDIF 200?

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