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Recent content by p0nta

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    Differences in terms of programming for PIC16F84 and PIC16F84A

    is there any difference in term of programming for PIC16F84 and PIC16F84A ? or both are compatible with each other using same programming source? yes, i know its old and obsolete. =_="
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    need explanation about amplifier and filter

    i ve done the circuit. this is the results. how come i get like a wrong results at pin 7. i tot it should be like this.
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    need explanation about amplifier and filter

    Thanks , nice explanation. hurmm... but how about the C7, R2 , R10. what is the function of it? also for C5. if i would like to test the circuit by applying a generator which point should i put it to ? at the ORP12 or at R8 ? oh and maybe the explanation for the digital part would be nice...
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    Heart Beat Monitor with Infra-red AND LDR Sensor

    details in working of photodiode can u explain the circuit for the HEMON. how does it amplify and filter the circuit ? the hand analysis calculation for the circuit, the gain and such? and at the pulse waveform at pin 7 i still get a digital signal only not the analog signal, why is that?. and...
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    need explanation about amplifier and filter

    explanation of amplifier hi , can anyone explain this circuit to me ? what type of amplifier it use ? and the filter and such. how to do a hand analysis of the circuit. https://www.web-ee.com/Schematics/HeMon/Schematic.pdf thanks.
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    optical heart-rate sensor

    is this a wrong place to post this topic?
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    optical heart-rate sensor

    help needed , i'm a beginner in designing the schematics. can someone look at the circuit , and help me. this is the design. this is the schematic i made T_T is my design correct? when i stimulate , it says something about Pin VEE not modelled for U2. what does it means ? help anybody...
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    optical heart rate monitor design

    hi , is there any good design out there to use , to make the heart rate monitor using optical sensor, something called PPG (Photoplethysmogram) thnks
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    Help me build an ECG and PPG

    hi , i need to build an ECG using 2 metal electrode to detect heart rate by placing thumbs and index finger on the metal electrodes. any help and schematics ? thanks. oh and yeah , i also wan to moniter heart rate also using PPG from index fingers. thanks again Added after 4 hours 23 minutes...
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    ECG lead selector switch schematic

    ad620 datasheet ecg can anyone email me the GND free ECG Recording with 2 electrodes.zip // lack of points. T_T thanks
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    electrocardiogram and photoplethysmogram from finger(s)

    photoplethysmogram circuit does an ECG can detect heart rate using finger? im abit confuse there, because from what i see , the ecg using electrodes that connected to a certain point on the body something like Lead I , Lead II etc. , is it possible to get from the finger ? is there any...
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    electrocardiogram and photoplethysmogram from finger(s)

    design photoplethysmogram hi i'm new here i dunno how to start , but i'm a student in the middle one doing a project to design an ECG and PPG circuit to monitor heart rate from finger, is there any suggestion/opinion/advise or design for this project for me? thanks.

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