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    Any ideas on how to bias

    a cmos telescopic cascode OTA for hi swing, low power application? replica bias? Please advice! Thanx
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    Phase noise of LC VCO

    Hi Adam, One helpful way to try to optimize for PN is to look for the noise contribution list(noise summery). Regards
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    How to bias a CMOS telescopic cascode OTA for hi swing, low power application?

    a cmos telescopic cascode OTA for hi swing, low power application? replica bias? Please advice! Thanx
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    What's the function of R1 resistor in this simple amplifier?

    Re: Simple Amplifier The C and R1 builds a HPF! regrds,
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    IIP3 calculation in spectre

    Isn't there a relationship between IIP3 and CP1 of xdBm? You could find it in razavi's book.
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    help for gm-c integrator

    1. I am afraid I do not understand that your signal "theoretically output should be all over 0"? 2. how do you generate you bias. are they ideal vdc or? 3. I have never used this kind of cmfb. 4. How does you vcc look like? 5. did you check your tb? initial conditions etc.. I am sorry that I...
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    help for gm-c integrator

    I was just thinking if this is a large signal phenomena. to have a the ota stable at smal signal doesn't necessary mean that you have a stable large signal ota. also i noticed that your input signal freq is quite high compared to unity freq. Try to lower your swing and also the freq??
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    help for gm-c integrator

    Hi baoer, I think you should simulate the cmfb loop together with the rest of ota. Try to find a good spot were to open the cmfb loop and analyze(loopgain, phasemrgin). Have you tried to decrease the input/output swing? Regards,
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    help for gm-c integrator

    are you using ideal biasing or does it have any time constant? Have you checked your common mode loop?
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    Single-ended to Differential

    single-ended-to-differential driver transformer inductor!
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    help for gm-c integrator

    cmfb+gm-c Hi Baoer, What is your time faktor ie 1/rc or . Have you tried to simulate longer time? Regards
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    I cannot understand this circuit.!

    bip are less noisy as well.
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    High speed circuits with feedback?

    Hi huanchou, Well, there is almost no different between positive feedback and unstabled negative feedback? This depends on the Phase margin in your feedback loop. You could read about this in any control theory book. Good luck!
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    Complexity of DVB-H and 802.11a baseband

    DVB-H, all GSM interferer
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    how to obtain very large resistors

    the size depends on how much missmatch you can tol for your design

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