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    Problem with Port 6 of 80c517 in Keil C51 Compiler

    80c517 Hi, I have a problem with the Keil C51-Compiler: If I write sbit RS = P6^1; I got the following error: MAIN.C(8): error C146: 'P6': invalid base address If I change it to: sbit RS = P5^1; it compiles correctly. In reg517.h P6 is defined as followed: sfr P6 = 0xFA; So that...
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    Problem with <reg517.h> program code

    ext-int-Problem with c51 Hi, i just tried the following programm: #pragma INTVECTOR(0x8000) #include <reg517.h> void ex0_isr (void) interrupt 0 { P4 = 255; } void main (void) { IT0 = 0; EX0 = 1; // Enable EX0 Interrupt EAL = 1; P4=0; while(1) { } } The problem is, the...
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    Hi, i have problems to read from the modem of Siemens S35i with 19200 baud. The problem is the communication between mikrocontroller and modem works, but if I want to read data from the S35i (for example sms with at+cmgr=0) there are a lot of characters missing. I use C51-Compiler. For seriell...
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    at89s8252 and keil ?? - help needed

    at89s8252 kit Hi! Is it possible to download hex-files to at89s8252 direct through keil-IDE ?? Do I need extra-software therefore ?? Who can help ? Thx, onde
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    c51-Problem with ds1820 - no value for the temperature

    c51 ds1820 Can you tell me why the following Programm prints no value for the temperature via serial port ? #include <reg517a.h> #include <stdio.h> void ini_ser1(void); void ini_ser1(void) { S0CON = 0x5E; /* Ser.- Mode 1, 8bit, 1 Stopbit */ BD = 1; /* Baudrategenerator activ...
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    ds1820-examples for c51 needed !

    ds1820 c51 Hello, does anybody know a link or have same examples of programming the ds1820 in c51 ??? thanks in advance, onde
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    Problem with Keil C program

    Hi, thx for your answere and for you hint :) aua, I think it´s not my day. bye
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    Problem with Keil C program

    keil c-Problem hello! I have a problem with the following program: // Timerinterrupt #include <reg517a.h> void INTTIM0 (void) interrupt 1 { if (P4 < 0x7f) P4 <<= 1; if (P4 > 0x02) P4 >>= 1; TH0=-39; // 10ms TL0=0; } main() { P4 = 0x01; TMOD = 0x01; // Timer 0 Mode 1 16...

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