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    Problem with installing IC5141 and executing icfb

    cds_root: command not found if u really want it to run with less flows in it, use CentOS version 4. u dont have to change the bash, still with that u can manage it, and about the pdk u mentioned it, i installed and used last year, it worked fine for me. also still i didnt understand where...
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    available technology files in cadence tools

    Re: technology file u can use NCSU, its free. PDK and SDK https://www.eda.ncsu.edu/wiki/NCSU_EDA_Wiki Cheers
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    Run Cadence remotely - licence server

    Re: Run Cadence remotely just in bashrc add the url to the server, and in lic file add deamon to lice server and thats all. you cant take the lic file from server, jusr you can access it ! and of course uni had to give u permit for that. cheers
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    Help me solve an issue with MMSIM license

    mmsim setup Hi, which version you use for IC ? in case you have mmsim installed and you added to your bash or c, then it is integrated. if you have ic5141 the it has the spectre itself and you dont need the mmsim, if you have ic610 then you need the mmsim 6+. becouse it dosent have spectre...
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    IC5033 w Mandriva 2008.1 Spring problem

    Hi, look IC5033 is made for REHL 2, mandriva 3008 is too uptodate for that version, and dont expect you will be able to install and run it with out hundreds of error, stick with standard distros like Centos or rehel good luck
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    Schematic print in Cadence IC5141

    virtuoso schematic print Yes it is possible. in the link blow there is description how to do it also: cheers
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    What is Extract Dose? please Help

    Hi, I made a layout in cadence and i extracted now i have to describe what dose extracted layout dose, i mean i have to describe it, please can you provide some info? cheers
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    which version of Cadence should I install? IC5141 or IC61x?

    latest isr of ic5141 well, both is cool. ic610 is nicer looking vise and functionality. easy to use. its based on OA, i dont know what you wanna design, but u should have the latest version of the other programs like assura and etc. and also some vendors they have Design kits for OA. IC5141 is...
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    Cadence IC5033 on fedora 9

    cadence fedora 9 NO, or it will work with a lot of error or modification needed.. so dont give urself a headache and just use RHEL or Centos or those which r certified. one reason is the TAR has new version on Fedora 9 which is not compatible. KErnel Version is high ! its good to know that...
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    Changing the back ground in cadence IC5141!! please help

    set variable cdsplotinit Wow, thanks Hughes :D you saved me a lot of time ..sweeet white back ground cheeers
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    Changing the back ground in cadence IC5141!! please help

    cdsplotinit i copied the .cdsplotinit in home directory and workin directory. still i cant choose the printer or ploter. the list of printer is empty. and also for 2nd solution i get this error: echo "Opus.editor.background: white" | xrdb merge xrdb: No such file or directory xrdb: can't open...
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    Changing the back ground in cadence IC5141!! please help

    cadence white background well i cant do that because in my uni there is no plotter setting set for the cadence and i cant do that becouse of user premission. but is there any other way to change the color of back ground??? cheers
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    Changing the back ground in cadence IC5141!! please help

    change background color virtuoso schematci HI, I have to make screen shots from cadence IC5141 for my thesis. the thing is my circuit is already big and having a black back ground makes it diff. to read when it is printed !! is there any way to change the back ground color of the Schematic...
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    SCL NAND & D, RS ...Latches design . Help needed!!!

    HI, I have to design a scl nand and different SCL (source coupled logic) latched.. on .35um technology. the only thing i dont know any thing about it and on web i cant find any schematics or details about these logics, i appreciate ur help. cheers :)

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