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    Choosing +/12V dual power supply or single 24V

    Does it the same meaning when the differential voltage is 24V? it depend on the way we choose the common point, and which case we use dual power supply?
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    Surge lighting protection for 24V circuit

    I having a circuit is equip with isolate dc dc 24v to 5v to power my embedded circuit. The distance from power supply to my circuit is 50m (out door). What kind of device i should choose for protection: mov, tvs, efuse, gas tube..
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    Mistake with opto coupler

    This is the first time I work with opto coupler, the did-advantage of this type isolation is life-time. Is there any note to keep in mind to avoid defect? any one has experience?
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    How to select common choke?

    I intend to use common mode choke for DC 12V power supply? I wonder how it effect?
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    Dual isolated power supply

    Hello, I need dual isolated power supply 12V and 5V. I intend to use dual output power supply +12V -12V. In the -12V I connected inverse polarity and using Dc/DC to make +12V and +5V isolated? is it possible?
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    Shield of RJ45 (Ethernet connector) right connection

    When design RJ45, they having pin for shielding. I look for some design they connect to some of variations: 1. Inductor to GND. 2. resistor 1M // cap 100nF to GND 3. 0hm // cap 100nF to GND 4. 100nF cap only. 5. Connect to GND. Which connection is correct? and why?
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    High speed signal could refer same reference gnd?

    As skin depth calculator, if signal at 200MHz skin depth should be 4.6um. And my copper thickness is 35um it still no problem?
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    Isolated IO method? Capactive, opto or magnetic?

    I don't know how to choose capacitive, opto or magnetic to isolate fpga I/O pin. All of them are good! But which is the best?
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    High speed signal could refer same reference gnd?

    Is it posible for 2 high speed signal using same Gnd? Suppose stack up like this: Top1 Gnd2 Sig3 Gnd4 Sig5 Gnd6 The case sig3 and sig5? I'm afraid of return current on gnd4 conflict?
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    too hot if irrush current without NTC

    In my circuit using just NTC (norelay) to limit irrush current into a toroid transformer, the issue is NTC is too hot 150 degree. Is it OK for long term use? Or I must use a by pass relay.
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    Irrush current limit before or after rectifier diode bridge

    The rectifier connect to secondary side of the transformer. You know that inrush current by charging capacitor after diode bridge, and I want to limit..them. - - - Updated - - - Rating 12Vac x30A. I understand that even we dont need irush current if the fuse able to sustain?
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    Irrush current limit before or after rectifier diode bridge

    My circuit including toroid transformer from 220V to 12VAC. I need implement irrush current circuit, but I wonder to implement before toroid transformer or after rectifier diode bridge? which is better.
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    Ultralow noise power supply design

    I need design ultra low noise supply for analog RF, input is 12V. I need 2.5V and 1.2V so any suggestion to implement my design.
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    Maximum temperature allowable for FET?

    I understand this, as someone answer before we able to design to meet junction temp is 174.9 deg, and the bigger heatsink make the fet top case less thermal (low temperature). So the right anwer I think is here, base on Junction- packaga thermal dispassion we will estimate the top case temp.
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    Maximum temperature allowable for FET?

    It's not simple as your answer!

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