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    Looking for job, pcb assembly,London

    Well still there is no job which I can tell about, as I find I must interact with you. You damn the tension, and keep your moral high....Wish you best of luck.
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    DC Variable supply design help

    Helpful discussion, Its all is very true and I was looking for some this type of information. So its my pleasure to have this thread. Thanks man.
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    [Moved] looking for manufacturers of plastic enclosures

    Plastic koozie is one of the basic tool to make to your product more credible and fantastic. Well if you wanna know about the koozie then interact... custom koozies
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    [SOLVED] need help on the schematic

    Well I couldn't give you any positive response, until this is in front of me physically. Although you describe here all about that problem. custom koozies

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