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    anyone of u have worked with an EDA tool ALLIANCE

    hai friends anyone of u have worked with an EDA tool called "ALLIANCE" ?, it is just similar kind of tool like MAGIC, coz i am right now using it. i got stuck up while routing the supply tracks( vdd and vss ). if any one of u had any tutorial , manual , exercise or any other material on...
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    Help me learn working with Tanner Tools Ledit

    Re: Tanner Tools Ledit help u first start ur design with simple gates and invertor,also there is a book called MICROELECTRONICS by CEDRA SMITH, also refer one more book on microelectronics by baker and lee.u will get a brief idea.
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    what is meant by boundry scan ??

    while downloading a bit file into FPGA's, i came across this( i am using xilinx ISE tool).i selected BOUNDRY SCAN mode and downloaded the bit file, my logic worked perfectly, but i dunno what is meant by this ? can any clarify me ??
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    how to get an 2/3 clock divider using VHDL

    vhdl clock divider hai friends i am a beginner in ASIC. In VHDL i was able to design divide by 3 or divide by 5 circuits using FSM.is it possible to get an 2/3 divider circuit ??. actually the problem is to get 33.33 MHZ from an 50 MHZ source. kindly suggest me some technique to achieve it...
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    help needed in getting started in ASIC

    friends, ASIC sounds to be interesting topic.i am hearing lot about it, i would like to learn it. i am an Electronics engg student .i know a little bit of VHDL , will it be possible for me to learn ASIC ?.can u suggest some good books or tools to start with.

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