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    source &channel coding

    Channel coding is a viable method to reduce information rate through the channel and increase reliability. This goal is achieved by adding redundancy to the information symbol vector resulting in a longer coded vector of symbols that are distinguishable at the output of the channel. Another...
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    advise book about communication systems

    Lathi is the best book for Analog communication system and the Taub schilling is the best book for digital communication system.
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    How to use jittering in SMPS ?

    Jittering in SMPS... check this web site www.tek.com/measurement/applications/serial-data/jitter.htm
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    signigicance eye diagram

    I have visited the site you have mention but there is no detail about eye daigram there......plz can anybody else write me more on this.
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    battery status indicator

    battery status indicator circuit In battery status indicator , there is one electronic circuit which continuous monitor the level of the battery. For that manufacturer used comparator circuit. If certain level reached then this voltage will turn on the either LED or the LCD screen. This is just...
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    suggest me electronics project

    check this site www.electronicsforu.com in this site you can find lots of electronics project. enjoy
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    Looking for books about WCDMA

    Do anybody have book on WCDMA ( 3G) . If anyone have plz can you upload the book or if already you guys have uploaded plz can you provide me link for this book
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    signigicance eye diagram

    eye digaram,link What is eye diagram in case of digital communication. What is its significance in communication system. or why it is so important.?
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    telecommunication forum

    goto site of ITU. All about the telecommunicatin and other communicaton material is given in there.
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    Erlang B table Varification

    erlang b table Here is the matlab code for Erlang table varification. This is the first step for simulation of Channel allocation for GSM system. If anyone need the channel allocation matlab program I am ready to provide him all the matlab code for that. ********Here is the matlab...
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    network simulation using opnet

    opnet simulator + free download If you searching for the GSM and CDMA network then there are many help file in the matlab help folder. Go and try. Best of luck

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