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    best C program for AVR

    avr studio c programming I really love AVR-GCC(or WinAVR). It can be integrated into AVRstudio, it's free and there are many examples around the internet.
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    Digital oscilloscope Project

    +minik0bo +oscilloscope I'm asking the same. How about this project? Project obosolete?
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    USB Blaster download cable design

    usb blaster driver c++ altera Is there also an option to program Lattice devices? Greetz Nick
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    C commandline application to more Windows Gui Conversion

    Where can I get Labview? I don't have that prog. Does anyone has a free download?
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    C commandline application to more Windows Gui Conversion

    Could someone help me with this. I want to port this (https://www.tuxgraphics.org/electronics/200509/article389.shtml) software for i2c communication which works under commandline to a more visual windows gui. But I don't know how and in which programming language. It must be a i2c...
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    Favorite PIC compiler?

    mikroc vs ccs I use for 8051 Keil compiler For Pic CCS or Pic Basic For AVR Bascom

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