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    RF digital data receiver 433 Mhz low noise

    Hi, try DP1205 from Semtech. This good product. Hai.
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    Which FPGA is better to use?

    Hi, 60% use Xilinx. I thinj this good FPGA. Hai
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    RTC-DS1307 with 8051+embedded issues

    ds1307+8051 Hi, I have program for read and write data to ds1307. Use keil complier. Best regard.
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    DSP for In-Vehicle and Mobile Systems

    Hi, File not found, please upload again. Thank.
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    Communication process of GSM modem and its interfacing with microcontrollers

    Re: Regarding GSM modem GSM Modem: + Telit GM862 GPRS www.telit.co.it/modules.asp +WaveCom Q2501 +Motorola G20 +Simcom All modem use AT command, and can connecting to microcontroler through UART. Best Regard.
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    ATMEL microcontrollers and Pspics ORCAD 9.2

    orcad library atmel Proteus is good software for simulate microcontroller. I try this.
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    Help me write a source code for A/D converter in MPLAB

    Re: source code help!! Hi, Why you write code by C complier. Now not more people can understand assemble language.
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    How to read or access Memory Cards

    microchip downloads appnotes 01003a Hi, You can use PsOC Chip (CY8C29xxx) for access Memory Card. Cypress support new version 4.3 for SD, MMC,MiniSD module (8 nov. 2006) . www.cypress.com.
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    Sector 0 in a Compactflash

    I need AVR <-> CF/MMC interface C source code, can you sent it via email. mail email: haicg165@yahoo.com Added after 49 seconds: I need AVR <-> CF/MMC interface C source code, can you sent it via email. mail email: haicg165(at)yahoo.com
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    simulating circuits of programmed microcontroller

    Hi, You can try software Proteus from Labcenter Electronics.
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    Can anyone post RTX51 full version user manual

    rtx51 full latest version Hi, This document of RTX 51 full version. Real-Time Multitasking Executive for the 8051 Microcontroller. link: . I hope this help you.
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    Low Cost RF Transceivers

    Hi, i use RF Transceivers from Semtech (www.semtech.com), it good product. GENERAL DESCRIPTION XE1203F 433 MHz / 868 MHz / 915 MHz Low-Power, Integrated UHF Transceiver The XE1203F is a single chip transceiver operating in the 433, 868 and 915 MHz license-free ISM (Industry Scientific and...
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    What exactly are MEMS devices?

    Re: MEMS devices MEMS is microelectromechanical system. You can doawload some book from link: or go to web of analog device. best regard.
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    Generating 3.3Vdc from 12Vdc

    12v to 3v voltage divider Hi, I think LM317 not good way for generating 3.3V from 12VDC. You can use LM2575M-3.3 or LM2575M-ADJ. Datasheet at www.national.com/pf/LM/LM2575.html. This Switching Regurator Power Suply.
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    Help me with designing a PIC based UPS

    Re: Pic UPS Needed! Hi, Application note of PIC17C43 Microcontroller Uninterruptible Power Supply Reference Design PIC17C43 Microcontroller Benefits • High Quality Sine Wave - High throughput allows for high quality output • Flexibility - core control features and operations can be changed with...

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