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Recent content by nge

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    What book is good to learn Verilog?

    Want to learn Verilog? I want to learn verilog and can you point me to a good verilog book. I can write VHDL really well. I do not know anything about verilog, I think it won't be that hard. Thanks nge
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    Need help: LED display for V-II

    Thanks for your reply. I just want to observe the outputs from FPGA. The pins have 3.3V output. I am using Virtex-II which has 64 User I/O and I just want to connect them to 64 LEDs. I am not sure whether I can drive LEDs directly from FPGA using resister-LED combos. Do I need to use LED driver...
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    Why cann't my unit be synthesized in top level

    Could you give us more info or sample of your code if it's not big?
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    Need help: LED display for V-II

    mbi50xx Hi, I would like to build LED display for Xilinx Virtex_II. I need to connect 64 LEDs to 64 bits of USER I/O. Could you give me any suggestion or info? Thanks. Nge
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    MUX_DEMUX Bidirectional

    How can I design MUX/DEMUX on bidirectional port? It doesn't seem right. Any help would be great. Thanks entity MUX_DEMUX is generic (n : integer); port ( a : inout std_logic_vector(n-1 downto 0); b : inout std_logic_vector(n-1 downto 0); o : inout std_logic_vector(n-1 downto 0); s ...
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    Need help - vhdl synplify

    How can I specify timing constraint in vhdl code as attributes? I don't want to use constraint file, I want to put them in vhdl code as attributes. I know how to do that for pin assignments. But I have a problem with timing constraints. This is a piece constraints from .ucf file. I am trying to...
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    What's the use of "&" operator in VHDL?

    Hi all, I need help with the VHDL operator '&'. In some documents, it's been listed as bitwise AND operator but in others it's a CONCATENATION operator. In active-help online help, the first page said it's CONCATENATION and on the next page it's bitwise AND. I really need help. Thanks. Nge
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    Question about Parallel Programming

    Dear All, I have a question about parallel programming. In some programming languages, we can do some part of the code to execute in parallel, but what I'm confusing is how these codes run on a processor (say, normal intel p4), time scheduling or what? thanks nge
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    C++ question! - help with malloc, code understanding

    I know that code is a simple vector memory storage allocator. But I didn't understand the line "return v-nl+NR_END;". malloc function allocates memory and returns the pointer to the start of that allocated memory block, isn't it? Why do we have to reposition the pointer by subtracting nl+NR_END?
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    C++ question! - help with malloc, code understanding

    The code is from Numerical Recipes book. The thing I didn't understand is the line "return v-nl+NR_END;". As far as I know malloc returns the point to the storage allocated. Can anyone explain me this. float *vector(long nl, long nh) /* allocate a float vector with subscript range v[nl..nh] */...

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