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    power consumption question, pls help me !!!

    Hi all, I have to simulate a circuit for specific inputs. I want to have some results for power consumption depending on input. Matlab environment would help me to manipulate the data very easy. Is it easy to create a power model for a specific circuit in MATLAB? I have some experience in...
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    Synopsys power results

    Hi all, i try to take some synthesys results for a system without clock. (simple combinational logic) I run design_analyzer and I have results for frequency and area. After that I run Modelsim to generate the vcd file. The vcd file gives me the total power consumption using primepower. The...
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    pipeline in ASIC design

    Some benefits of pipeline design are: increase of throughput (shorter critical path) decrease of power (avoiding glitches and balancing the paths)
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    How to convert software package in C so it works on Matlab?

    Re: Please help me! Thanks for your answers! This package is a software for mathematical computing.The interface is a c programm for parameters initialization and memory allocation. This software has also c programms which contain c wrappers for routines defined from libraries.
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    How to convert software package in C so it works on Matlab?

    Hi! I have a software package in c (including libraries, c functions-programs, c interface for parametres initialization )and I want to call it from Matlab. Have I to convert in mex files every file in this package (except libraries)? Or is there an easier way to call it from matlab? Thanks
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    vcd problem please help

    prime power px script I am using design analyzer to execute my synthesys script. The execution give me two files: the sdf file and the verilog file. I make a random simulation in modelsim to produce the vcd file. Then I execute via prime power an other script which reads the verilog file and...
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    Looking for info about scripts and power estimation in Synopsys

    Re: synopsys question I have implement algorithms and i want to have resullts in area, power and frequency. My system has three basic inputs A(m-1 downto 0), B(m-1 down to 0) and R(m-1 downto 0) and its operation completed after m cycles. A, B are random but R belongs to a specific set of...
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    Looking for info about scripts and power estimation in Synopsys

    I am new In Synopsys. Could you give me information about scripts in synopsys power estimation in synopsys Thanks
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    Question: VLSI Implementation of 256 to 8 encoder

    Can that implementation be more simple? any proposed implementations?
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    Question: VLSI Implementation of 256 to 8 encoder

    Can anyone give me the 256-to-8 encoder block diagram? many thanks
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    Question: VLSI Implementation of 256 to 8 encoder

    priority encoder 256-8 I need a block diagram of an implementation of 256 to 8 encoder? (one-hot encoder) Many thanks
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    SVDPACK help me please!

    +svdpack How can I install svdpack? I have downloaded SVDPACKC from https://www.netlib.org/svdpack but I cannot find instructions about installing this packet . Please help me.
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    I want to learn about architecture of ARM SC100

    ARM SC100 I want to learn about the hardware architecture (what kind of architecture--which operations supports) MULTIPLIER unit of ARM SC100.
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    ARM7 problem: can connect to MetroTRK

    problem with arm 7 i try debug a program in Metrwerks codewarrior and i have a message: can;t connect to MetroTRK
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    Windows XP software for microcontroller programming

    gnuarm evaluator 7t hi, i am a new in microcontrollers programming, and i ask if there is a appropriate software for windows xp. I use arm evaluator 7t board.

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