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    comparision of IEEE 802.3, 802.4,802.5 with respect to RTOS

    compare 802.3,802.4,802.5 hello, i want full details and links of comparison of IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.4 and IEEE 802.5 with respect to Real time Operating system. Can you give me the full details?
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    want explanation each step in assembly program

    hello, i want explanation of the assembly program of PIC 16F877 microcontroller, which is asked by my lecturer to do. There is a commnet shown in that program, but it dont understand and also i read PIC 16F877 datasheet, but couldnt find out. Can you explain each line, and what does it do step...
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    difference between voice over IP and voice over LAN

    Voice over IP is same as Voice over LAN, the main difference is Voice over LAN is used in LAN networks using IP protocols whereas Voice over IP is used in any broadband stream, and lastly VoIP has many functionalities than Voice over LAN.
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    programming timer0 to generate waveform using PIC16F877

    timer0 pic16f877 i want to program timer0 to generate waveform using PIC16F877 in assembly language and create a HEX file. the waveform should be displayed in LCD display. Can you help me in this problem? As i want to use only 8 bit timer0 register. Please give me a full program in that...

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