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    Why does the power source have a capacitor in series

    haha ok. I found out that it's not a capacitor but a positive temperature coeffiecient to limit the current. Looks similar to ceramic capacitors.
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    Why does the power source have a capacitor in series

    Crabman, that's certainly true for ac circuits. This cap was however used in series with a DC source (battery).
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    Why does the power source have a capacitor in series

    Hello, I have disassembled an old electronics project lab which is now assembled without damage again. I looked into how the voltage was regulated from the 6 AA batteries needed. What I saw confused me. Why does the power supply have a low resistance capacitor in series? thank you
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    School Bus radio frequency

    school bus radio frequencies hi, just curious, what's the frequency range and the type of transmission(FM, AM, PM, etc) that regular school buses use?
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    Need program to compare and see difference in 2or more docs!

    Hi all, I need a program that can compare modifications between 2 or more documents. Could any1 plz make one, know one, or tell me one that can do this. It's very urgent. My programming skills isn't the best. Plz help! this is urgent Thank you fro ur help
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    Help me identify this!!! PLZ

    Thanks for the info How does the pull up resistor work? since it only has 5 pins coming in/out.
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    What is ferrite bead. Is it different with inductor?

    Yes, it's different than a inductor, and it could be used as an inductor sometimes. A ferrite bead would act like a resistor at high frequencies, and it has only ferrite, and no coils. U can find more info below on the websites...
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    Help me identify this!!! PLZ

    Thanks!, but I know that it's a dip switch I want to know what a DIP switch is used for? And what the thing on the bottom is for?
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    Help me identify this!!! PLZ

    Hi, could anyone tell me what these 2 things are. U can see the top one, and the bottom one has 5 pins. It also has a label : SMTA334 Thanks for ur Help!!!

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