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Recent content by namees22

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    Need AN ICSP for PIC..Help GUYS

    hi , I need help to build my own ICSP ...some one please help with a link which shows it..i need a programmer for my PIC devices..
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    Which one is the low cost 8 bit Micro Controller ?......

    As far of my knowledge its 8051(AT89C51/52)..it cost around 30rs and readily avail too .....
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    can u guys comment the feed back for it

    Atmel 8052..i need another serial port apart from normal RX,TX(P3.0,P3.1).
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    can u guys comment the feed back for it

    #include<reg52.h> #include<stdio.h> sbit TX1=P3^3; unsigned char SBUFF; bit TFLG; void delay(unsigned char num) { unsigned char i,j; for(i=0;i<num;i++) for(j=0;j<1275;j++) ; } void transmit_vir(unsigned char dat) { unsigned char tx=0,cp_data; cp_data=dat...
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    can u guys comment the feed back for it

    this code i designed for communication serially MCU with PC.assigned port 3.3 as TX1 pin,and in a baud rate of 9600bps,and data has been packed functionality of SCON register so i will be very pleased if you guys help me out. #include<reg52.h> #include<stdio.h> sbit TX1=P3^3; unsigned...
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    Check Software for 8051 Uart communcation

    Hi , I am posting my UART code here can anyone tell what all things that i have to consider while writing a SoftUART for my 8052 controller..help me guys #include<reg52.h> #define RX1 P1^2 #define TX1 P1^3 unsigned char data SBUFF; sbit data TFLG; void external_interrupt(void) interrupt 0...
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    Programming Error HELP needed..!!

    thanx a lot - - - Updated - - - thnx man...but i tried tat also...whre culd i find these infos..
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    Programming Error HELP needed..!!

    port b for lcd data pins,lcd control pins to port a(1,2,3)...i need to know how exactly port should be addressed..i have used 8052,PIC16F877A...is LATA.F0,LATA.F1,LATA.F2..wrong or LATA0,LATA1,LATA2 ..am not getting output for both...instead am usng oscillator circuit(4 leg) rather than...
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    Programming Error HELP needed..!!

    hi guys, as a part of my pic programming i used to address a port pin as LATA.F0(found it from Engineers garage),but my Compiler throws an error for this..so i replaced with LATA0.and it got compiled well but that port isn't responding to my program.am using PIC C18 compiler Lite version.for...
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    Somebody Please HElp.!PICkit2 programmer

    hi, Programming finished without any error,i think nyl configration bits get loaded not my Program.
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    Somebody Please HElp.!PICkit2 programmer

    hi, I am using a PICkit 2 to program my PIC18f4550 controller,while am importing it nothing much is getting filled in location only the configuration is being inmported,i need ur help.am using Hitech c compiler lite for my PIC COntroller...so please help someoner urgent..
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    [SOLVED] PLs help guysss..Porgramming 18f4550

    Hi, am now trying to begin with PIC18F4550..the Problem i think is with LATA.F1,LATA.F2,LATA.F3..i dont know is this way of Port addressing is true i have seen it from many other example codes..Since i din find any Port addressing in DATA sheet..and one more thing is am using Hi tech c compiler...
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    [SOLVED] PIC18F4550 Help in configuration BITS

    hi, thnx for the reply...may i ask u one thng.. y al these bits shuld set if ever i need a single lcd program i need to have Mc crystal only selcted dnt i ,how wil i understand al those fully
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    [SOLVED] PIC18F4550 Help in configuration BITS

    Hi , Now an started working with pic18f4550 went thru data sheets i found a lot of confusing things in it.So Configuration bits are not mentioned it.so i need help in Configuring the bits.(configuration bits). So i need to know where i could find it..thanx in advance

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