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Recent content by nagkiller

  1. nagkiller

    [SOLVED] STM32f103 wont start

    My curiosity is just to know which compiler or IDE, so that I can test this code on my pc.
  2. nagkiller

    [SOLVED] STM32f103 wont start

    I'm sorry for the curiosity, but which compiler/IDE is using it?
  3. nagkiller

    C char function on Visual Studio C 2019 wrong result, or not.

    Sorry for bad english or don't express myself correctly.
  4. nagkiller

    C char function on Visual Studio C 2019 wrong result, or not.

    Could anyone help me with a error in char function on Visual Studio C 2019. #include <windows.h> #include <iostream> char *timeStamp(); int main(void) { printf_s("%s", timeStamp()); return 0; } char *timeStamp() { SYSTEMTIME t; GetLocalTime(&t); char buffer[35]; int...
  5. nagkiller

    STM8S003 Issue with Load Noise

    I love opto!!! I would use in my circuits... Even though it is not an isolated power source!!! kkkkk...
  6. nagkiller

    Flash Programmer, s19

    One of S19 is a file to burn into NXP(old Motorola and Freescale...) like type MC68HC908QT1, MC9S08SH8, etc... Could be too a ST (STM8 or STM32)...
  7. nagkiller

    I accept suggestions for PIC or AVR programming books that I can download to study

    Link https://www.dropbox.com/sh/60klxmkr65jlt8s/AAAezYkJ8d55h6YUiEGvtNCWa?dl=0 Arduino 38 projects.
  8. nagkiller

    Resistance in Series for LED connected to Microcontroller

    This archive may be help you: htt ps://ww w.4shared. com/photo/jMEbg2dCca/LED_Ref.html As said read the datasheet for correct LED that you are using.
  9. nagkiller

    [PIC] PIC Serial programming issue

    I'm sorry, I was not taking the time to reply!!! Analyzing my own ujdm circuit previously posted, I encountered an error when I mounted and tested it (ICSP pins 4 and 5 inverted). The pin sequence was wrong, compared to pickit3. Below are the settings in ICPROG and schematic corrected: The...
  10. nagkiller

    [PIC] PIC Serial programming issue

    Are you using the real serial port or some converter usb to serial??? I remember perfectly working with ICProg...It may be something we forget to do.
  11. nagkiller

    [PIC] PIC Serial programming issue

    Is too long time without use this, my memory has failed... But I remember that some hardware changes must be made to make the program work without displaying this error and download icprog driver for Windows NT/2000/XP... but in Windows 10 64Bit has a error of this driver. Select Windows API...
  12. nagkiller

    [PIC] PIC Serial programming issue

    Try uJDM programmer ddelectrotech . com/blog/make-a-simple-jdm-pic-programmer/ After, you consider to make a pickit clone!!! See too ICSP from microchip the sequence in your schematics are wrong.
  13. nagkiller

    Noise of Driving relay from avr

    The Q3 collector is shorted by 5V too...
  14. nagkiller

    PIC12F675 coding/Reading on PCB

    You cannot read a protected mcu!!! You may post what you have done in your code, compiler used, etc... so we can help you!!! If you want someone to make it for you, hire it!!! There is always someone who can create the project for you!!! Get started learning how AD converter works... how...
  15. nagkiller

    PIC12F675 coding/Reading on PCB

    1 - You can put a ICSP connector (pin header 5x1). Like this: 2 - Show what you have done in your code, compiler used, etc...

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