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    How to do THD simulation of fully differential op?

    In case of spectre you can do in this way. Now this is in unity gain configuration and so you can run a transient with a large signal and then select THD option from the waveform viwer.There you need to specify the fundamental frequency.It will give you hormonic distortion interms of percentage.
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    current source for LDO's opamp

    I think you can use constant gm bias circuit.You can refer razavi or John& martin for this.
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    A question about capacitance between gate and source

    Re: A question about Cgs. I think it is 1/2 Co
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    dc convergence problem with HSPICE

    I am simulating a BGR using HSPICE. When i am simulating .op at any specified temprature using .temp,it is doing fine. But when i am trying to sweep the temprature, simulation is getting halt.I have tried with diffrent ranges of temprature,but the result is same.I tried with the different GMINDC...
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    what is smal & large signal models ?

    when to use large signal circuit Normally any active device which we use for linear applications(ex:amplifier) will have non linear transfer function(input vs output).In order to use those devices for linear applications we have to limit our operation to a small segment where you can consider...
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    Where can i get the spice models for cat-3/cat-5 cables?

    Where can i get the spice models for cat-3/cat-5 cables?

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