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Recent content by n_huda2006

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    can anyone help me to interface ultrasonic sensor with pic?

    Hi nataraj87, pls find here https://www.extremeelectronics.co.in
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    500w pure sine wave inverter circuit diagram

    Hello homilk52 Please check these [URL="http://www.talkingelectronics.com"] & [URL="http://www.ikalogic.com"]. thanks
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    Very Good tutorilals

    thankz a lot thannara123!!
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    Welcome everyone

    Hello... I am from Bangladesh. I have started to use AVR & made some little projects & I'm in a phase of accumulating info about it.. Hoping to get help here...
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    GPS and GSM interface with ATMEGA16

    pls follow the urlhttps://www.engineersgarage.com and there is shown AVR interfacing with GPS and GSM and also C code (you must register to see the code).
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    MakeFile for winAVR for pragramming AVR ATmega8

    Hi Prasad, I have sent you a pdf (avr.pdf) just now. Please check it. Thank you :-)
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    Hi, I gotta robot book named ROBO.pdf. Pls contact mail2nazmul65@gmail.com or nhuda1965@yahoo.com.
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    UPS - How to use same Transformer to INVERTER/CHARGER

    sorry my mail has changed!! my mai mail2nazmul65@gmail.com sorry for incovinience. regards nazmul
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    1500 watts inverter

    Hello, next you need the circuit? Microcontroller based or not?
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    Weighing machine/Load cell

    Hi, I want to interface digital weighing machine with AVR to control cement packaging etc. Do any one want to help me with the detail schematics and code c/basic for AVR. I have some previous experience using ATmega 16/32. Pls help. My email: nhuda1965@yahoo.com.
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    stunning websites

    My favourite website is www.ikalogic.com[/URL]. where every aspects of electronics projects has been discussed from robotics and microcontroller to generel electronics. pls open the website. regards n_huda2006
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    automatic crane system using ATMEGA-16

    hi pls use 1st breadboard!!
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    pic c code for square wave generator

    Re: square wave generator hi u can use MAX038...see the datasheet of MAXIM-IC.com!! Added after 2 minutes: hi you can use MAX038... of maxim-ic.com. see the datesheet!!

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