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Recent content by myatham

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    How to design an AC coupled differential input comparator

    Typo, it is "input at the comparator will be 50mV". Thanks for your quick reply. Regards, myatham
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    How to design an AC coupled differential input comparator

    My requirement is the circuit shall support both single ended signals (1Vpp min) and differential signal with 500mV peak to peak with common mode range 100V, Normal mode range of 0 to 200V. If I add resistor divider to scale down to the comparator common mode range (assume 10V max), i need to...
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    How to design an AC coupled differential input comparator

    Hello, I need to design a differential comparator with maximum of 100V common mode range, with 200mV is hystersis, AC coupled, 10KHz Bandwidth. This is to detect pulse inputs. It would be great help if anyone can suggest design steps. Thanks in Advance!
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    Why Voltage reference is overshooting to 3.5V from 2.5V when it is used to bias opamp

    Even with 1K load on reference, i don't see any improvement. When i remove the sensor input, i don't see this issue.
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    Why Voltage reference is overshooting to 3.5V from 2.5V when it is used to bias opamp

    Hi All, We are using one voltage reference 2.5V to bias two AC-Coupled non-inverting amplifiers with gains 4 and 50. But, i could see that output is oscillating. Vref is found to be overshooting to a value of 3.6V from 2.5V. I am suspecting it is operational amplifier stability issue. But, if i...
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    Do the Ferrite clamps attenuate wanted differential signals like ethernet signals?

    Do the Ferrite clamps attenuate wanted differential signals also like ethernet signals? I mean, i wanted to attenuate common mode radition and hence i am planning to use a ferrite bead with high impedance. I bother whether it can effect my differential signal since the working frequency is close...
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    Diode Reverse Voltage Breakdown

    Hello All, We are monitoring an AC voltage (200Vac) using a diode and resistor and photo LED of Opto-coupler in series. Here the Reverse break down voltage of diode is 700V, Resistor value is 200K ohm, Opto-coupler reverse break down voltage is 6V. How to analyze impact of negative voltage...
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    Ethernet magnetics selection guide

    Hello, I need select a ethernet magnetics for my application of 10/100BaseT. Please suggest me how to start the magnetics selection and what are the parameters that are to be considered whiel selecting magnetics? When do we use 1.25:1 magnetics instead of 1:1 magnetics? When do we use RJ45...
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    What are the errors that can be calibrated in an ADC?

    Thanks for your reply! As you said, we will not have any control over DNL, INL, THD, ENOB which are inherent to ADC. We can only calibrate only few of the static parameters like Gain error and offset error. In my application, i have to monitor an input analog signal with 100Hz useful...
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    What are the errors that can be calibrated in an ADC?

    Hello, I am starter in ADC design. While I am going through ADC specifications, i found that ENOB =12 though it is 16 bit ADC. Then what is the specific reason for using 16 bit ADC than 12 bit ADC? Can not we use an 12-bit ADC without any missing codes? For any ADC, what are the parameters that...
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    RJ 45 selection EMC and ESD point of view

    Hello, How to select an RJ45 connector shielded one with ESD and EMC compliance? Will there be seperate connectors for ESD only or EMC only RJ45 connectors? How they will work?
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    Thermal Bump test design guide

    Hello All, I have to design a product which has to go through thermal Shock test. Can you guide me on this how to start design for proper protection for this test. I have read that using less Tg conformal coating materials and reducing thermal resistance of PCB can reduce thermal shock...
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    impedance vs characterstic impedance

    Hi, Is there any difference between impedance and charasteric impedance? As per my understaning, impedance depends on frequency, but charasteric impedance is independent of frequency. So, i am assuming that both are not same. Please comment on this.
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    Differntial mode currnts and EM radiation

    Hello, I have read that common mode currents are primarily responsible for most of the radiation problems. Does it mean that differential mode current will cause any issue in radiation point of view? In radiation susceptibility, will it cause differential current in the design or only common...
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    Query on optocoupler with diode in series

    One type error. Vr= 1000V. Circuit diagram is attached for your reference. - - - Updated - - - One type error, diode used is 1N4007 with Vr=1000V

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