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Recent content by mvdeepaknair

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    how can one get a pcb design of microstrip designed in hfss

    Re: how can one get a pcb design of microstrip designed in h can u suggest a software for generating dxf or gerber file for the hfss files.
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    video Lectures on Digital and Analog Communications

    i had posted a link above in which u can get video lectures from almost all the best universities, and it also explains the way to listen, view and download the lectures
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    Loop antenna being fed by a coaxial cable in HFSS?

    HFSS and Loop Antennas **broken link removed**] this site hope it will be helpful
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    HFSS antenna airbox and simulation accuracy

    absorbing mesh hfss walls of the air box is to absorb the electromagnectic field radiated from the antenna so if u r concerned about the radiation pattern then keep the walls of the box atleast 10 times of the wavelength away from the antenna design
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    looking for HFSS examples

    **broken link removed** see this site it may be helpful to u
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    please help me(microstrip antenna using HFSS)

    ftp://ftpla.ansoft.c** see this site it may be helpful to u
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    antenn design with HFSS

    **broken link removed**. here u may get the help u need
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    Calculation methods in simulation programs.

    go to ansoft hfss site it countains documents that may help u
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    2.4GHz or 5.2GHz IFA (Inverted "F" Antenna),who ha

    Re: 2.4GHz or 5.2GHz IFA (Inverted "F" Antenna),wh you can check hfss Tutorial manual named hfss 10 book hope it will clear your doubts
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    meandering ground in antenna

    can anyone provide me the way to calculate the dimensions of meandering slots in patch antenna. if possible research papers related to the same will be also very helpful.
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    radiation box dimensions in hfss

    am confused about the role of radiation boundary dimension on the simulation results on a patch antenna. can anyone provide me the way to calculate the dimensions of radiation box for a patch antenna in hfss. its really creating problem for me.
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    am designing a dipole antenna and am stuck at the feeding technique of the same. well can anyone tell me the correct way to feed the dipole, and the correct technique to feed current in the dipole in hfss. any hfss project file attached will be a great help.
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    best software to design rf pcb

    ads simulation software student version can anyone suggest me a good software by which i can draw the printed circuit boards for antenna, microstrips, and other rf components. if anyone can suggest a software that can transfer the design of hfss to any pcb software then it will be a great help...
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    Help me solve the HFSS error in mesh refinement

    can anyone help me to get rid of the error message this file is generating. am tried a lot to solve the mesh related problem but am helpless now. i want to simulate the design in the range 20 to 50 GHz but now at this stage the error in mesh refinement is killing me. plz help.
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    a better way of solution

    i got a design of suspended microstrip line and am doing some measurements in it, but as i move to higher frequency(more than 5 Ghz) it shows a warning message (need very large number of mesh to solve). am now confused how to define a correct mesh and how to continue my simulation. any help will...

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