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Recent content by muruganshanjai

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    Help reset UPS chloride 60kVA (masterguard SIII 53060) after battery change

    please visit www.sonsivri.com and getting this software please go to software section and search
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    Anyone have the datasheet for XP3212/SQ (PMT)?

    dear friend if you want any datasheet please see the web site DigChip IC database u want download please register or ask me for user name and password
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    smps design file 300watts

    dear readers please see our attachment for top250y based 300watts smps design
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    any one want programming for lattice cpld isp 1016

    any one want to programming for lattice device cpld isp1016 please make this cable and download isplever from lattice site i am make this cable i will program it , it will work please read this attachment
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    3 Phase motor operation with only 2 phase. Is any risk ?

    3 phase motor run in 2 phase it is possible to no risk only you are putting VFD (AC drive) for motor control if you are connect motor direct to 3 phase it run only 2 phase it may be very risk for motor and it will taken more current and motor jurk so do not connect motor with out drive in 2...

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