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Recent content by mujahid_5113

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    C++ Builder 6 problem

    nice to all I have attach my layout overall for my project, my major problem is to write the programming, how to communicate with the hardware and my computer. using PC serial port,parallel port or usb. any body can guide me. for information i used C++ Builder 6 for the interfacing software...
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    C++ Builder 6 problem

    nice to all I have problem with my C++ Builder 6, I dont know how to write the programming to interface with the computer to my hardware, my hardware its pc relayed board. if any body have any idea or book or link to settle my problem. regard AbM
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    humidity and vibration circuit

    nice to all I hope a problem to find the suitable circuit for my final year project, espeacially for humidity and vibration circuit. and also the suitable sensor for this to circuit. for information thia 2 hardware will be interface with computer using relayed board, I hope any body will...

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