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Recent content by mrm

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    RF integrated circuit antenna design..?

    give us more information: usually at2.5GHz patch antennas work very well, but you should evaluate the overall gain, the bandwith and the free area onto your device before choosing a tecnology.
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    [Help] Gilbert Cell Mixer in RFIC

    Take a Look at Grebene's book (also on this site).
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    Opamp Gain calculation!

    Carefully read Doc. number sboa092a downlodable from Texas Instruments.
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    Looking for any books about bandgap reference

    Re: bandgap reference take a look at Grebene's book (on EDAboard). There's a full coverage of this topic
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    Please recommend an amplifier chip !

    try with a signal transistor with emitter feedback and collector feedback
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    Which should I design first, LNA or PA?

    Re: LNA or PA? If you choose LNA Keep it intrinsecally stable (with reactive feedback). If you choose PA Keep it as more linear as possible (with feedback).... So start studying feedback...
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    crystal oscilator phase response

    just another word: It's interestig to plot the phase response by means of a PLL. In this technique the quartz is used as a Phase shifter whose phase depend upon frequency. Sending into the quartz a smal sinewave at different frequency by varying the PLL programmed freq and analyzing the...
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    How to get rid of a sine noise from AC mains?

    Re: noise? can we have some info on the frequency of this sinewave...
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    Reset circuit for PIC! Need diode?

    pic reset circuit 4700 works very well
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    Types of transistor models and differences between them

    Re: Transistor Model So much models are unuseful in my opinion: every manufacturer gives two or three models (linear or nonlinear) bu nobody gives the RMS error of theese models. Tipically that the uncertainity on S parameter's phase is 20 degrees abs. for small signal process(due to process)...
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    Problem with using MPLAB ICD2 with PIC 16F877A

    Re: Help Reqd ICD2 Be sure that: 1)You have downloaded into the ICD2 the firmware for the 16F's (MPLAB calls it 'Operating system') and that you've the right device selected. 2)If the pic get power from the circuit, be sure that the ICD2 is not powering it and if not, be sure that it does.
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    Looking for info about narrowband filter design

    Re: Narrowband Filter Try to download microstrip filters for rf microwave application from the ebook forum. Nice reading
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    Can I reprogramming PIC processor?

    Something similar to code protections happens if you break the LVP fuse. In this case is possible to come back to 13V programmation.
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    Why rechargeable battery are 1.2 V?

    Re: battery It's the chemical redox potential between several material, so it's become a standard voltage....like 1.25V for bandgap voltage references
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    How to cancel the offset in this existing circuit ?

    Re: offset in comparator You can cancel input current offset (for BJT amplif) with a simple current mirror

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