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    3 phase supply in orcad capture CIS

    3 phase supply pspice model How can I get this parts in orcad capture cis. Is thre any tutorial concern with simple 3-pahse power supply simulation. I am using v9.2 thanks
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    delay in verilog program

    How do I stay at state BS for some time before going on to state DS in next clock.
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    delay in verilog program

    I try to write the finite state verilog program that need to wait sometime in current state before go to next state. I used example : repeat (10) @(posedge clk); But error appear like this: ERROR:Xst:850 - a.v line 32: Unsupported Event Control Statement. Is there any other...
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    traffic light controller by verilog

    where can I get TLC FSM by verilog tutorials or examples. thanks
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    What is the main differnece between RUIM and non-RUIM?

    What is the main differnece between RUIM and non-RUIM. Is there any ebooks or tutorials on that concept. thanks
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    basic knowledge on CDMA mobile

    Thanks sinu_gowde. But I am looking for more details.
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    Looking for service manual of QCT-1000 WLL CDMA

    Is there somebody know where can I get the service manual (English version) for WLL cdma phone. I also want to know the pin outs for that phone (Rx, Tx, and Gnd pin), use to connect to computer.
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    basic knowledge on CDMA mobile

    cdma basic Where can I get (ebooks, links) to explain the follwoing terms and their functions in CDMA mobiles. nam, esn, dll, bin, spc, flash, scr, prl. thanks
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    How to connect WLL phone (serial) port to computer serial port?

    Is there anybody know how to connect WLL phone (serial) port to computer serial port. I mean by direct serial cable or by using MAX232 ic to design cable. thanks
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    what's wrong with this verilog code

    latch verilog code In my simple verilog code, I saw some warnings. I still don't know how to clear. And seg output is always at the default. I used Xilinx. Somebody can help me. My code warnings:
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    all my cpld outputs are inverted

    you have to install sp for webpack 7.1.
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    headache for using 7474 to design counter

    counter with 7474 I am facing sometime my counter is stuck at 0 during simple 3bits upcounter by using 7474 IC. After I reconnect again. It is work. It is happen quite often. So I need to clearify myknowledge. Normally I connect all PREset pins to VCC and all CLeaR pins to switch. When ever...
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    Which frequency will repeal mosquitoes ?

    mosquito expeller I just want to test mosquito expeller design. Is there anybody know the frequency that can expel mosquito.
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    Help me write a program for detecting and decoding a keypad

    Re: keypad scan Dear nand_gates and echo47, I just try to test my circuit according to both of your advice. I found that my circuit is working properly with pull down circuit (with pull down program code). I still don't know what is the reason behind that. I just found that my programs are...
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    How to test XC9572 CPLD ?

    Re: How to test CPLD Logically it seem like that, actually when I test by using simple gates (like or, and )the ports are working properly. But when I used like shift reg or FF there is no response at that port. When I switch to new cpld it work (that means my program is ok.)

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