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Recent content by Mr.Deeds

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    A Design to detect phone busy tone

    call progress tone detector lm567 I need to design a circuit to detect the signals coming to the phone,when the other line is busy,or no body answers.....Any Help?
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    Biometrics - FingerTIP sensor from Infineon Technologies

    A survey on fingerprint sensing techniques in need Hi.. I am in need of an overview on fingerprint sensing techniques,could you help me in that?
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    Help me build a basic FPGA board

    Here are some details Hi all.. Thanks for ur valuable replies, here are some details...actually i want an FPGA_board basically for image processing related applications..i was working with the Xess Xs40. I need to build a prototype board that enables some image processing applications..about...
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    Help me build a basic FPGA board

    Building PFGA board Hi there, I am thinking of building a basic FPGA boards like the simple ones of Xess..is there anyone there who can help me or guide me?
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    Biometrics - FingerTIP sensor from Infineon Technologies

    Hi.. I am starting a project in some related work,concerning an identification system..would you pls send me any helpful material..

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