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Recent content by mostafa0020

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    How are harmonics produced and how they affect electrical system?

    Re: harmonics regarding their effects on power systems, harmonics affect the PS :- 1- higher losses " transformers, motors ,...etc" 2- parasitic torqus in motors, 3- telecomunications interferecne. 4- aging of equipment. 5- protective gear mal-functioning " nuissance tripping ". 6- voltage...
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    capacitor in series with a light bulb

    capasitor series with bulb The steady state value for current in a DC Circuit composed of a capacitor series with resistor " bulb " is zero, but, during the transiet period, the current has an exponential decay from a peak value " =E/R " and decays to reach zero in some multiples of a certain...
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    Why the power mosfet in this circuit blow-up?

    Yes, it is very enough, i just thought this as a common failure mode for Mosfets and IGBTs. I think a loose connection to the mosfet gate can cause bolw-up due to arbitraty firing " noisy ".
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    Why the power mosfet in this circuit blow-up?

    The circuit as shown has no switching driving ciruit to drive the mosfet gate, , as u connect the gate to the 12 v positive of the battery , means that the motor operates continously, i.e. no inductive overvoltage will happen,. This makes the o.v. cause out of occurance, i think the mosfet...
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    power electronics simulation software

    power electronics simulation program Simulink associated with MATLAB seems very good and versatile to simulate power electronics systems espeacially motor loaded, u can check a lot of demos prepared in Simulink help
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    Forced Commutated Systems

    force commutated thyristor circuits Hi, Forced commutation is used in order to force a thyristor to turn-off. It is used mainly in thyristor circuits as thyristors can't be turned off by gate control " GTO is an improved limited application thyristor with can be commutated by negative gate...
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    I need help choosing proper filter for PLL design

    PLL Filter Design"? Hi ALL, I use "4046 Chip " as a PLL with a reference frequency of 50 Hz " Power Frequency" with a divider in feedback N=60 "two 4017 Chips" and using Phase Comparator 2 to obtain zero degree phase shift between input and output when in lock, the VCO is a wave generation...
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    I need some commercial advice about technical software

    Hi, I am planning to produce a software that help in electrical design automation., but, i want to know the trends available for me to market and sale this software commercially and protect it...any advice???
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    can you solve this interesting problem?

    Indeed Wanli I thank u and flatulent for this problem,it is an impressive one, i may test engineering students using this problem!!
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    can you solve this interesting problem?

    Thankx flatulent, the same answer achieved..
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    can you solve this interesting problem?

    ok wanily let's check this series i made to represent your case from right meshes:- R(i)=(((R(i-1)+2R)*R)/(R(i-1)+3R) R(0) = R Take R1 = 3/4 R R2 = 11R/16 ... The values will decrese getting R (∞) will be if we put X= R(i-1) tends to zero resulting in R(∞) = 2/3 R From left the same both...
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    can you solve this interesting problem?

    paralling an infinite number of resistors with a resistance R will result mathematically into an equivalent resistance value equals to 2/3 R, here is the conclusion :- for a 3 resistors Xi,R,R parallel with a resistor R , the equivalent value will be : =((Xi+2R)*R)/(Xi+3R) For a series with X...
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    What is the relation between system capcity and impedance?

    What is the relation " Math. " between the system " source, bus-bar, Generator, DC Supply, .." capacity (S) and the internal impedance of it?. Any system has an internal impedance which isn't zero, which means any current drained from it , will make a voltage drop and regulation then arises, is...
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    How can I size a cable for a motor?

    Hi all How can i size a cable for a motor?i mean do i have to multiply the rated cuurent by a factor to compensate the starting current capacity heating for the cable?

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