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Recent content by mohd_madhoun

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    Fedora Electronic Lab (FEL)

    qucs tutorial Hi all, I want to discuss th capabilities of the new release of the Fedora Electronic Lab, please share your experience here this software looks very promising to our freedom from the high prices. I want to know especially about the supplied libraries for simulations, I already...
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    Place for getting the Fedora 8 DVDs

    Re: Fedora 8 DVDs Salam, Did you already start to use it? is it comparable to the professional software like Cadence for example, I want to know how really the components of the suite are integrated with each other.
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    what is the best compiler for dspic

    hi-tech dspic full Yes matlab 2007b supports dsPIC.
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    when does BAV70_BAV56_BAV99 should be used ?

    You use them whem you are working with an SMD design and you have two IN4148 (say) diodes that have any common pin. depending on the common pin you choose which of the above will fit instead of the two IN4148. this will reduse the cost especially that the SMD parts are cheaper recently.
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    Lattice LSI-1016 simulation

    lsi1016 I want to Simulate an LSI-1016 which is a PLD made by lattice I think, I have only the (*.jed) fuses file that I should program to the chip, what is the right software to do this simulation?
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    microcontroller and noisy environment ...

    My experience with this problem is: 1. Decoupling capacitors beside each IC on the PCB 2. A separate transformer for each part of the design (the digital and the analogue) 3. Do not use a high speed crystal if you do not need it. 4. Do not use long PCb tracks for the relays 5. switch off every...
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    Writing arabic at LED's Display

    Salam, 1. I advice you to check any LCD that writes arabic and count the pixels used for a single char (better than re-inventing the wheel). 2. Write your text in MS paint and save it to bitmap with low resolution in 8 bit (this also can help you counting the pixels) 3. Then search for a...
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    How to convert the schematic diagram to PCB?

    schematic to PCB Eagle for beginners, and OrCAD for the professionals, other small ones like pcb123 were advised by others but i did not try them.
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    Is there any simulator for dispic?

    this is the same to this post: I told this: Use MPLAB C30 or the Hi-tech for simple to intermediate applications, if you are going to develope a real complicated fancy project then go up to the matlab 2007b coder. for simulation go to labcenter proteus
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    How to detect the negative voltage ?

    The professional method is to use a high impedance op-amp to sample your negative signal, this will protect the original signal from being loaded, then tune the op-amp resistor values to get a positive output with the gain you want so that it will fit the input range of whatever ADC you will...
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    what is the best compiler for dspic

    dspic30f best compiler Use MPLAB C30 or the Hi-tech for simple to intermediate applications, if you are going to develope a real complicated fancy project then go up to the matlab 2007b coder.
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    2x16 LCD and PIC16F877A

    lcd con pic16f877a you have to connect a potentiometer to adjust the intensity, the pot value should be in the datasheet, if this is not the case then get sure you are using the right header for the right LCD in the compiler.
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    nontraditional microcontroller projects

    Please tell me what you think about, maybe I can help. Anyway, you can check the EPE magazine, they have a good number of projects that are open source, if they are not satisfactory to your skill level, then jump to the circuit cellar magazine, this is where to find the great ideas for new...

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