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Recent content by mohannad100

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    smart instruments hardware - request for resources

    smart instruments hi i need a books and papers that talks about smart instruments hardware. thanks
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    Suggest me a digital thermometer unit

    digital thermometer 8051 and range from 0-100
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    Need C program for 8051 to act as a digital thermometer reading from thermocouple

    hi i need a program for 8051 to be a digital thermometer reading a temperature from thermocouple through adc0804 and display it on 4 digits 7 segment display i need help plz
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    4 digits 7segment display

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    rogrammin 8051 for digital thermometer

    hi every body i use thermocouple type k connected to amplifier circuit with o/p voltage of 2.6v connected to adc0804 and then to 8051 and the output should be shown on 4 digits 7 segment display(8 data,4 control),each of the 4 control pin operate one segment at a time.8 data at port0,and 4 at...
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    4 digits 7segment display

    hi again my 4 digits 7 segment is look like the below figure i need the interface with 8051. thanks.
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    4 digits 7segment display

    i read the datasheet and i know what i m talking about i need the multiplexing method of 12 pin to 8051 ok!!!!!
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    4 digits 7segment display

    i have 12 pin my question is every segment gets 3pin,and if the pin is arranged from left ot right 123-123-123-123 now i need the connection ,is pin3 for every segment connected to transistor and then to port and the remainning 8 is connected to another port but i want just to use port1,not two...
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    4 digits 7segment display

    i have this circuit but it si not what i want because my 4digits 7 segment have 12pin only located below the entire digits. and this is it is type LFD5522-10/sp10-1
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    4 digits 7segment display

    what is this replay
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    4 digits 7segment display

    lfd5522-10 hi i need to interface 4digits 7 segment display with microcontroller 8051 this segment has 12pin i serached the web but i cannot find what i need i need the correct interfacing an programming with 8051 did i need additional circuit for interfacing between 8051 and 4 dugits 7...
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    8051 baud rate generator

    8051 baud rate hi i need abaud rate generator for 8051 family serial communication for different frequencies 11.0592Mhz,12Mhz,24Mhz i prefer it a flash program but not on line program. thanks.
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    How to convert a crystal with 12Mhz to 11.0592 frequency?

    12Mhz to 11.0592 u right borber thank you but my problem is solved i get the crystal from jordon tody thanks to all gentelmans that replay.
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    Suggest me a digital thermometer unit

    hi i need to buy a digital thermometer from the market have the following specifications 1-based on 8051 2-k type thermocople 3-7 segment display or lcd 4-rs232 interface to computer 5-adc0804 ca any one help me to know the name or the number of such project. thanks. Added after 2 minutes...

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