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Recent content by moda

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    What is line level voltage in mic terminology??

    Re: Line Voltage What S/N do you need? do you need realy good 1/F noise performance or not?
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    What is the difference between a CML circuit and a differential circuit?

    cml circuit Pleas read: https://focus.ti.com/docs/apps/catalog/resources/appnoteabstract.jhtml?abstractName=scaa059a Regards Moda
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    What is line level voltage in mic terminology??

    Re: Line Voltage In Mic out its typ=3mv
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    how to design a low voltage opa without special transisitor?

    Re: how to design a low voltage opa without special transisi One simple way is to use voltage dubler that can work at 0.9v look at: https://focus.ti.com/lit/ds/symlink/tps60312.pdf you can convert 1v to 3v Then you can use normal opam. Regards Moda
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    how to design and simulate a dc-dc in system level?

    Curent feedback is much more stable then voltage feedback. You have lots of tools on the WWW for example: You have moduls that do that: Isolated power supply. **broken link removed** To find your power supply: **broken link removed** You can look for LT power as well or ON Semi for...
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    High speed coupling capacitor

    You will creat stab... 10GHz its sub milimiter harmonic waveform. and the parasitic of one 100NF cap will do the the work for you. Regards Moda
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    How to caculate the efficiency of DCDC converter

    Use the pspice SW and the right fet/diode model. I did it, and its very accurate! Regards Moda
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    texas instruments opa129

    If its small qty - Use TH socket and solder to the socket the SMT device. Regards Moda
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    High speed coupling capacitor

    To - songsong, Sorry, this one not going to work well. I did test it with small capcitors, without good results. Regards Moda
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    texas instruments opa129

    Thi one is OBSOLETE. OPA129P OBSOLETE OPA129U PDIP (P) | 8 Replaced by OPA129U OPA129PB OBSOLETE OPA129UB PDIP (P) | 8 Replaced by OPA129UB But this one is not: OPA129U ACTIVE 3.20 | 1KU SOIC (D) | 8 100 Request Free Samples OPA129UB ACTIVE 5.45 | 1KU SOIC (D) | 8...
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    How to caculate the efficiency of DCDC converter

    Hello fantaci, You did good calculation, in heavy load, the charge loss of your fet in negligible, but in light load you need to calculate the charge loss of your fet. for example: The Si4463 PFET with 67 nano-coulombs at 9Volts will dissipate in its gate drive 600mW at 1MHz !!! Regards Moda
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    Voltage Regulator Designs for DDR DRAMS

    Hello, Pleas look at the sw mode example: https://focus.ti.com/lit/ds/symlink/tps54372.pdf Regards Moda
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    High speed coupling capacitor

    Hi again I know the freq graphs of normal 100NF ceramic cap but: I did some test with VERY sensitive circuits with jitter of 10Psec for 50 ohm application and to my surprise as well I didn't had any degradation in performance for a normal ceramic cap or high price good cap for 10Gbsec systems...
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    who can solve this amp problem

    Limit your BW will reduce noise and your signal as well. In what gain your opamp is working? You can affect the noise with different gain. Can you replace the OPAMP with different one? Regards Moda
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    High speed coupling capacitor

    Hello, I did use normal, Yes, normal 100NF 0402 ceramic cap for 10Gb/s 50 ohm termination, no problems at all. It did compare it with high Freq capacitors that cost $1 with no different in performance at all! Regards Moda

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