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Recent content by mkbs

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    Best Signal Integrity Simulator

    Hi dehati, you know the price about HSpice ?...more or less.... mkbs
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    Signal Integrity question...

    Hi to all, this is the first time for me,to consider SI issues. What's the correct flow to take in this case ? I think : 1) Define stackUP with the supplier 2) Define PCB Impedence (but I don't know the right value 50?...70? how I decide it ?) 3) calculate the right width trace for each layer...
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    Soldering footprint SSOP

    ssop20 footprint Hi FvM !!! Many Tanks 4 your fast replay !!! Was what I need !! mkbs
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    Soldering footprint SSOP

    ssop footprint Hi to all, somebody have used on pcb production, footprint SSOP20 on bottom side, with wave soldering ? Or pitch 0.65 is too close to soldering ? mkbs
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    The latest version of 3D IDF Files

    idf 4.0 supported versions TraceRouter, many tanks !!!!!!! mkbs:D
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    The latest version of 3D IDF Files

    Hi to all, somebody know the last version of IDF file ? I mean... I know that there's a version 3 that "give" to the solid cad only 1 hight information for component,but I heard that there is a version 4.0 that give more hight information,isn't it ? Somebody know about that ??? mkbs
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    Which is the best software for PCB design?

    best pcb saftware Like many people said the cost is fondamental for chosing the pcb cad. Medium cost : Eagle - Pulsonix Medium-Hi: PADS - Cadstar Hi-Very Hi: Mentor - Cadence - Zuken CR5000 otherwise if you need only a free software you could see Eagle or ZenitPCB (is an italien product but the...
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    Mentor Expedition Price

    Hi mystery, I have Mentor Expedition.There are several version... e.g. on top Pinnacle : Schematic+pcb+HS - I suppose ~35k Ascent LX : pcb full layer + schematic ??? no HS Ascent L4 : NO schematic and 4 layer pcb + no HS is ~12k I have the maintenance so I don't know if are old...
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    Help choosing between Altium 6.7, PADS, OrCAD

    situs vs specctra I'm quite sceptical about signal integrity and Altium.... At the same price I cound suggest you to looking for Zuken Cadstar with product Silver S (3500pins) or Platinum S (No pins limitation). IBIS Model-DifferentialPair-Length Route-Order Nets-Shielding tool and so on...
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    Wave Soldering 0.65mm pitch component

    Hi to all, somebody had soldered on wave process a ssop pitch 0.65mm component, on bottom side ?? I have on production a 0.8mm component wave soldered and the quality of soldering is good (with a little end pads adjustment). mkbs
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    Required Demo for MultiVHDL & MultiMCU

    multimcu https://www.electronicsworkbench.com/products/proprod_dl.html ??? mkbs
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    Which PCB design software is better, Zuken or Protel?

    Re: Zuken or Protel I'm agree with binu G, P*otel isn't so good to work faster...and about Hispeed routing there's no comparison between them !!!! Altium had a good PCB, P-CAD, but I heard that they'll don't support that enymore, in the future :-( But depend what you have to do... mkbs
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    Which PCB software is most recomendable?

    Hi to all, is very hardly to say what kind of software is the best...depend on what you have to do and what's the time that you have !!!! Many of the PCB reach the target ( a good final pcb ) but not at the same time and not all have so many powerfull features. If you work in a company that want...
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    PCB routing, Thermal Relief v Thick track for power supply

    thermal relief pads Hi dunn, usually I make PCB with Hi Current ( 5A to 13A ) and I don't use Thermal Relief on component pins (Connectors,Relays....) On production (~ 30.000 pz for year) I seen that the pins howhever had a good solder. mkbs
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    powerful 3D PCB design

    If you need a real 3D (not only a viewer...or little more) you have to try : www.turbocad.com (quite good and relative low price) www.solidworks.com (very good but expensive) www.solidEdge.com (very good but expensive) or if you have Cadstar directly access to Cadstar 3D tool. Otherwise if you...

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