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Recent content by MITSUKO


    Hitachi CMP-4120 repair manual

    cmp4120 At the hitachi repair center they claim it's gonna cost 5000+ euro's to repair this plasma tv . There's definitly something wrong with the power supply , but I can't believe it's gonna cost that much . So instead of leaving it there , - irrepairable so to say - i took it home agian ...

    Which is used by Elektor Mag. to create their schematics ?

    Re: Which is used by Elektor Mag. to create their schematics I've got a version 5.3 ,wich was the last dos version .

    Which is used by Elektor Mag. to create their schematics ?

    Re: Which is used by Elektor Mag. to create their schematics They used to use ultiboard in the past . Now I don't know Mitsuko

    Plotting a pcb layout with pen and ink ??

    Re: Plotting a pcb layout So it is true . Hartelijk dank voor je reactie I'm gonna buy me a pen tomorrow and I'm gonna try this out . I usually use the photographic method but for small project's it sure is worth it . Mitsuko

    Plotting a pcb layout with pen and ink ??

    eagle printing hp7475 Truth or myth , I dont know . I have heard a lot about using a pen plotter to plot the layout directly on the copper and then etch it . Can anybody WHO HAS ACTUALLY DONE THIS confirm it . Like I sayd ; there are rumours enough . This is becoming one of those city...

    Akkumaster C3 logging software

    akkumaster c3 I've posted a request about this more than a year ago . Its' a very powerfull uP controlled battery charger . I've never been able to find the win software that goes with it . Anybody has it ? Thx Mitsuko

    ultrasonic cleaner - info needed

    I know , and i also know the price of such a unit . Even the smallest ones , wich are way to big for me will easily be 200 to 300 $ . That's why i'd try to build it myself . Mitsuko

    ultrasonic cleaner - info needed

    ultrasonic cleaner I need a small ultrasonic cleaner . Cup size about the size of a cup of coffee . Rotring used to have such a device to clean plotter pen's . But it's been discontinued years ago . Has anyone ever done this or any info on this ? I thought i'd get me a small aluminium...

    How to make an AirFlow sensor using thermistor ?

    i've seen air speed being measured using a cooling fan from a cpu . just don't rememeber where Mitsuko

    programming adapters for hilo programmers

    all-07 hi-lo picman check this link https://www.danbbs.dk/%7Ermadrm/eprom.htm#pep i think you'll find your programmer and the software there . The hep808 soft works for my hilo sep-88 programmer . I think yours will be pep04 or hep804 . I absolutely HATE hilo for deleting every piece...

    Need 68HC908GP32 programmer

    68hc908gp32 Anyone know of a circuit that will program this chip ? I only need to do it once , so i'd like something simple and cheap . Thx Mitsuko

    how to make PCB Drilling Machine

    Also check h**p://www.radixgmbh.de Home of the t*nbo drill Mitsuko

    Looking for Macrovision Remover schematics

    h**p://elektuur.o4s.com/Elektuur/NL/Products/ Magazines.nsf/5218536c642f87fac1256c78005ee 610/d0462e134f4155ebc1256c6b0035208d?OpenDocument Works with an epld , jtag file is NOT free available , pcb layout is . I'll upload the article if you like . Now i only have it in dutch language , it...

    How to recover a damaged 5 1/4" disk?

    It's true , the freezer trick does really work . I even did this with 80 Mbyte harddrive back in 386 day's . Good luck

    Game Boy Advanced color display

    About everything there is to know about gbc-gba can be found at http//w*w.reinerziegler.de what kind of backlite where you installing ? does it exist also for GBC?

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