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    Request for rf cmos pa book

    Can Anybody post the below book. THanks in advance RF CMOS POWER AMPLIFIERS: Theory,Design and Implementation MONA MOSTAFA HELLA RF MICRO DEVICES Boston, MA Mission
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    UHF RFID reader antenna for hand held applications

    Thank you guys for all your suggestions and help. I found a wonderful book byDr.Kin LU Wong on broadband microstrip antennas and hte book has got lots of examples with measured results. I hope I will pick up few and try to simulate and build it. Thanks again for such a unconditional helping...
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    UHF RFID reader antenna for hand held applications

    It's possible with elliptical patch but the dimensions will be much larger than than expected.
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    UHF RFID reader antenna for hand held applications

    Any compact and small size (100mm x 50mm x 30 mm) circular polarized PCB antenna design is okay. If anybody has got an idea pls. share.' Thank you mission
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    UHF RFID reader antenna for hand held applications

    Circular polarizaton is preferred. We have a space constraint of 10 cm X 5 cm (Length and width). Also need to have a minimum gain of 2-3dBi. We have found a half disk patch design as explained in the attached paper to explore. Originally the paper talks about smart antenna with multiplehalf...
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    UHF RFID reader antenna for hand held applications

    I am developing a reader module antenna 900MHz band (860-930MHz) which should typically have a gain of around 3 dB or so. A microstrip patch is larger and may not be suitable for the application. Prefer to use PIFA and anybody can suggest a better solution, kindly help If anybody has got an...
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    PLL design tutorials by A.B. Przedpelski

    Does anyone possess the PLL design tutorials/PLL primer by A.B. Przedpelski please post it here. Thank you
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    Difference between analog IC and RF IC design

    Re: analog/RF The lower frequency part is analog ic and the high frequency cmos part is addressed by RFIC. RF design considerations are more stringent and as the frequency is higher even interconnect behaves like a distributed transmission line inside the IC. Analog ICs are relatively less...
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    Re: opamp design Thanks for the reply. I am looking for CMOS opamp IC design tutorial. With common mode feed back& active laod. Most of the universities and analog ic design courses will take up such a design problem as an exercise to make students familiar with the design concepts and tools...
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    cmos op-amp design tutorial Need opamap design tutorial with CMFB and acive load in cadence. Any help please
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    What's the use of Gaussian LPF and Accumulator in GMSK modulator?

    gmsk modulation,gaussian filter Gaussian pulse shaping filter is used to convert the abrupt transitions in the waveform into smooth transition. When pulse shaping of this nature is used the resulting spectrum main lobe confines all the information and this helps in reducing the frequency band...
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    Analog CMOS IC design- building blocks

    Anybody has tutorials or examples worked out in Cadence design environment (Cadence design files). May be solutions to exercise problems given in Razavi's analog CMOS book.Some universities insist to work out the exercises in cadence and if anybody has this, kindly upload
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    CMOS opamp design procedure

    Can anybody contribute a design tutorial with step by step design procedure for CMOS differential opamp in Cadence design environement. Looking for layout design guidelines also.

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