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Recent content by miskol

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    PROTEUS 8 - SMT pad shown in software but not on real PCB

    Hi, i used Proteus 8 to design my PCB. recently i received my fabricated PCBs and notice that the MOSFET's drain SMT pad is somehow covered with the soldermask, which it shouldnt. i have asked the PCB house and they mentioned that unfortunately based on the given Gerbers that the MOSFET's...
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    FYI: OrCAD library sharing group

    Re: orcad library Hi, hope can accept my membership request, i've been waiting for past several days. Please help, thanks.
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    is it possible to install orcad 9.1 and cadence 16.3 in same system?

    Hi, i basically did the same thing, installed both OrCAD 9.2 and OrCAD 16.0 why? because for schematics i designed using v16. then for simple auto-route i used v9.2. then i will use GerbTool from v16 to insert logo and modify certain things such as changing the Holes of DC Jack into Slots...
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    [SOLVED] dsPIC30F6014A - Problem with UART Receive, using MPLAB C30 Compiler

    Hi, for updates, i have been able to use both dsPIC30F6014A's UART1 and UART2. below is the functions that can be used for Transmit, Receive, and Send String: Examples of use: for Transmit // character 'a' will be sent through UART1 mCputc('a', 1); // character 'a' will be sent through...
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    Pcb Assembly cost in Asia

    nice, have online quotation service, easy to estimate price. however it seems so much expensive.
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    Pcb Assembly cost in Asia

    do you accept small orders? small as in < 10 or 20 PCBs.
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    SBC TS-7300 ARM9 200MHz

    PM me the price, including shipping cost to Malaysia if possible. Thanks.
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    Calculate capacitance measurement between electrodes

    Hi, I have been able to simulate the electrical fields between 2 electrodes using COMSOL 4.2a, when one is given positive potential and the other is grounded. However, after so much trying i am unable to get the capacitance and voltage values on any points between both electrodes. Please help...
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    [SOLVED] dsPIC30F6014A - Problem with UART Receive, using MPLAB C30 Compiler

    Hi guys, i have tried programming the dsPIC30F6014A to make the UART1 and UART2 to function properly for days now. 1) i started with using CCS C Compiler, successfully able to send and receive from both UARTs. the problem is however: - UART calls (e.g getc(), puts()) cannot be placed in a...
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    Image Processing - Matlab

    no problem, glad to have helped.
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    Image Processing - Matlab

    can share example image for 816x614?
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    Image Processing - Matlab

    nice. from there you can start counting the red pixels based on the RGB function, image(x,y,1:3)... where x and y is their coordinates while 1:3 will tell the RED, GREEN and BLUE values. since you want the RED pixels, then you can select your RED threshold values and count those pixels. count =...
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    C++, GUI, Hardware interfacing

    Thank you for your input! hope others can share more please, thank you.
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    C++, GUI, Hardware interfacing

    Hi guys, i am more familiar to do all of the things mentioned in the Title (C++(code programming), GUI, Hardware interfacing) by using other software like MATLAB and VB6. however after years of experience it seems there's some slow computation problem for acquiring data from the hardware(serial...

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