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    some questions about C++

    Re: C++ questions? Hi miMoto, There are many ways to do this, but I think the best one is using the Standard Library (included in any C++ distribution) first of all, you include the vctor library #include <vector> //without .h 8O //declare your types std::vector<Cline> ArrayData; to...
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    Looking for manufacturer of I2C or SPI LCD

    Hello, I need a I2C or SPI LCD and if possible a keyboard with the same interface, does anybody know a manufacturer to these products. URLs are welcome :D thanks and best regards for everybody. mgs_p
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    PXE bootstrap source code needed

    Hello, does anybody has a source code for a PXE bootstrap? I´m interested specially on bpbatch code (old versions was free). thx, best regards, mgs_p
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    Modem solution - schematics appreciated

    I've found a good one on www.silabs.com
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    does anybodu have PPP code for PICMicro MCU?

    PPP for PIC16/18 needed Hello, does anybodu have PPP code for PICMicro MCU? thanks and best regards mgs_p
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    Modem solution - schematics appreciated

    cmx866 project Hello everybody does anybody know a good solution to project an embedded Modem connected to a regular UART (with handshakings) or RS232. schematics appreciated. :D thanks in advance Marcelo
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    what is the most popular ucontroller?

    In my country (Brazil), Microchip PIC is certainly the most pupular uC, but I think (I'm not sure) that Motorola is the first on other countries because of the cell phones, to use in their own equipments. regards mgs_p

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