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    Req: Scheme for Saeco Vienna Classic (Espresso)

    scheme saeco Hello, has someone a schematic for the Saeco Vienna Classic. Some components on PCB burned. Thanks MP
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    Which PIC compiler IAR or hitech?

    In my job, I use IAR for 8051 compatible controllers. We made some tests with few competitors and found that IAR produces the most compact code for this controller group, but you have to know how to suit the compiler for your applications -- cstartup etc. For my diploma thesis I used a PIC. Here...
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    Search for Profibus ASICs supporting Layer1 and Layer2

    Hi, thanks for the answer and sorry for the late reply. I know that these ASICs support only DP Slave V0/V1(V2). The project is an 'intelligent' modular DP slave with several integrated function for hard realtime (cycle time below 0.3 ms). Data exchange via DP network must be within 30 ms...
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    Search for Profibus ASICs supporting Layer1 and Layer2

    Hallo, For a new project I need Profibus ASICs supoorting Layer 1 and 2. I only found the VPC3 and SPC3 Asic (no integrated microcontroller). Knows somebody similar ASICs or controllers (8/16 Bit) supporting Profibus. Thanks in advance MP

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