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Recent content by Mentor2003

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    MENTOR WG2000.5 and WG2002 Installation Problem on XP

    It looks like an ownership error . Check if you're running the installation as Admin . Cheers !
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    PSPice for Windows XP

    Try only Orcad 10 or PSD 15
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    Orcad PSD with XP? Or... Orcad PSD installer bug?

    Only PSD 15.0 is fully compatible with XP !
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    How to convert spice3 model to pspice9 model?

    I'm not sure that a such convertor exists . You can just check how spice9 looks like and make the changes by yourself . GL !
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    How to make Orcad schematics into PDF (not simple picture)?

    Since all the Capture's fonts are pure TT fonts , there is no problem to search parts on a created PDF .
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    What is the name of cadence custom IC layout tool?

    Virtuoso ! PSD is the package for PCB design !
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    Help?About @ltera and sy*plicity

    Try an other family of Altera
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    Migration from Altera to Xilinx

    lpm library error in ise xilinx That is the great value of the VHDL !!!
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    Is it possible to build clock generator only with cpld?

    clock generation lattice cpld crystal As I know - yes

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