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Recent content by medra

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    [SOLVED] FFT core - Xilinx ise - This file cannot be synthesized

    Thanks Rob B , you must be right , the core already worked with me on the kit so this file must be for simulations only.
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    converting m file to vhdl

    I don't know , but I had converted some embedded files to VHDL and downloaded them on the FPGA successfully
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    converting m file to vhdl

    If you want to convert from an m file to VHDL , you could try using embedded matlab but you need to change your code to satisfy its constrains. search for embeded matlab help and simulink HDL coder for more information
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    C program in MATLAB-Urgent

    you could use the command mex , it will convert your c code to a mexw32 file ,which you could call as any built in functions.
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    request for matlab code for reed solomon coding and decoding

    GO to the file exchange in mathworks site , you will find what you want.
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    full adder code in vhdl programming

    you could download xilinx webpack ( free license) , you will also found a lot of codes in the templates including adders.
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    Matlab cde for Linear Block codes

    Re: Matlab code for Linear Block codes you could find a lot of good stuff on Eng :Mathuranathan site , thanks to him GaussianWaves
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    Communications Engineering Graduation Projects

    I can't specify a certain website or link , but you could find a lot through searching.
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    Communications Engineering Graduation Projects

    You could go to cognitive radio , many recent research exists.
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    HELP: Matlab Parallel Processing??

    If you have a loop which have independent iterations , you could use parfor instead of for , this is an optimization option. But the better one , which perfectly works is trying to write all operations in matrix form ( vectorization) , there is a lot of examples on mathworks on it. Hope that...
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    HELP: Matlab Parallel Processing??

    you could try: 1- parfor 2- read about vectorization on mathworks website . Hope that helps
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    deep space comm. question

    hi I want to ask a small question , what is the input BER in case of deep space comm. ? Note that I am not asking about the output required BER ( 10^-5 or 10^-6) , I want to know the real range of input BER in practical life. waiting for any answers or hints. regards
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    ML decoders - are the optimal ones?

    ML decoders hi is the optimal decoding for any coding technique is the ML decoding? which in turn means that the more I approach to the ML decoder output, the more I am to the best possible BER?? waiting for your appreciated replies
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    binary matrix inversion

    i don't know what is the relation between your answer and my question , any way , i find the solution to my problem , thanks
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    Hamming code error (i think)

    it is an error

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