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Recent content by mckinson

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    About the influence of the speaker ,motor to the antenna .

    Hi , Since the cell phone get smaller and smaller ,so sometimes the antenna is very close to the speaker and motor , strongly impact the antenna efficiency ,cause the TRP and TIS poor . So anybody has the comments to decrease the influence of the speaker and motor ? Best regards !
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    The influence of the inductor to the antenna .

    Hello guys : Anybody know why add a series inductor on the input signal line of speaker can reduce the impact to the antenna .?Appreciate !
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    output power in GSM & EDGE (Question)

    I think maybe related to the modulation scheme .right ?
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    About the condutive spurious for GSM 900 band inside ?

    Hello guys : Anybody has the idea for the condutive spurious for Gsm 900 band inside ? We tested on the Chanel 62 ,found on the frequency 896.4 and 900.6, 904.2 was marginal . What do you think maybe impact this issue , Vco ,PA and tranceiver ouput matching to the PA ? Best...
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    best book for understanding WiMAX required

    best book on wimax You can find this book "Fundamentals of WiMAX: Understanding Broadband Wireless Networking (Prentice Hall Communications Engineering and Emerging Technologies Series) by Jeffrey G. Andrews, Arunabha Ghosh, Rias Muhamed, "
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    GSM peak phase error - help

    I think you maybe you need to tune the PA ramping profile ,may be the PA open or close too early or too late cause the Phase error and switching .
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    Balun test using two port network analyzer

    baluns for rf network analyzer I think this way just can transfer the S2p to S3p ,right ?
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    The ORFS for 8-pslk issue

    Hi vfone Many thanks for your kindly help . We use the RFMD 3161 ,the polar type .
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    The ORFS for 8-pslk issue

    orfs edge Dear Guys : These days we find the ORFS due to modulation and switching is very poor for EDGE 8-psk ,but for the GMSK is very good . I have checked all the power supply both for the Tranceiver and PA ,no found something wrong . Could you please give me some suggestion ...
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    That is a great web , best regards !
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    What are the GSM specifications?

    GSM Spec. I think you can refer to the 3gpp spec 51010,you can get more detail standard .
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    About the modulation for the DVB-H ?

    Great ,but what is the OFDM function ? Added after 2 seconds: Great ,but what is the OFDM function ?
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    About the modulation for the DVB-H ?

    Hello guys : These days ,we found the DVB-H has the modulatio scheme : QPSK ,16QAM ,OFDM . Why need these 3 modulation ? what is the relationship between the 16QAM and OFDM ? I am confusion .Best regards.
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    Are there any 5G mobiles out?

    5g mobile LTE for 4G or 5G ?
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    What protocol is used at air interface (Um interface) of GSM?

    GSM protocols Hi It seems can not download the specification from the ETSI website . Right ?

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