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    SS7, SUS and RES message meaning?

    suspend message ss7 sus SUS its send in either direction to say the calling or the called party is temporarly disconected RES this message says that they are conected after they have been susbended also there is an indicator that say the reson of suspend from the user or the network
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    Does the release 6 is coresponding to 3.5G(HSDPA) ?(UMTS)

    UMTS I want to ask qustion if relase 5 in crosponging to 3.5G (HSDPA) then what realse is crosponding to 3.75G? AND what is the differant between relase 5&6?
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    When is IMSI sent in GSM ?

    Re: IMSI thanx alot i ask only at air interface and i have confustion on the paging when layer 2 3 setup (RR SABM+ RR PAGE RESPONSE why mobile B send timsi and imsi in this massge) and what u meen by in timsi form
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    When is IMSI sent in GSM ?

    HI i want to ask in what cases the IMSI is send in air interface(in call scenario in GSM) thanks in advace
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    How to be RF designer??? tips plz help

    hi sir you can start by pozar in the chapter of LNA & OSICLATOR may gonzals help also after reading give ur self task eg( desgin LNA with at 2ghz NF <2dbm gain >10 db,.....) to do this task 1_choose the active element 2_learn how to use simulation tool like ads 3_design with avalable min...
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    hlep in filter design

    hi iwant to design filter in 2ghz i want book in diffrent tech of design using microstribe (order 3_4) thanks in advance,
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    What's the use of reptation encoding?

    hi could any one plz tell me why we use repation encoding as for the same energy for information bit it has ber>with out coding.? what is an application for repation encodingfor the case (same enrgy ber bit& same energy ber information bit)
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    How to measure the sensitivity of a detector in ADS?

    Re: sensitivity in ads plz kindly tell me how to simulate vout wit pout i use lssp simulaton but i dont find vout thanks
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    C Band Power transistors

    u can see the site of rsegypt it is nice for u as u r in egypt
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    antenna and radowave propagation by collin

    can any one help me with the solution of antenna and radowave propagation by collin ,thanks
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    How to measure the sensitivity of a detector in ADS?

    hi can any one help my by telling how to measure thr sensitivity of the detector in ads steps or toterral plz
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    The derivation of the multiplication factor for an avalanche photodiode

    Avalanche photodiode hi dear navina, the multiplication factor M is defined by M=Im/Ip where Im is the average valu of total multiplied output current and Ip is the primary un multiplied photocurrent defined by Ip=q*po*(1-exp(-alfa*w))*(1-Rf)/h*freq where po is the optical power incident on...
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    How to design oscillator using dielectric resonator?

    can any one help me with tutorial in ADS to know how to design oscillator using dielectric resonator?? and any books in the theory of dielectric resonators?? thnx

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