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Recent content by maxim10373

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    mosfet gate drive circuit

    This picture shows a Mosfet gate drive circuit .What is the value of C1 in it? how to find this ? Help me maxim10373
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    [SOLVED] IR led and photo transistor circuit

    hello I have a small project which is need to negative switching. Is negative switching possible with IR sensor ? IR Led with photo transistor circuit readily available .
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    SMPS Switching transistor getting too hot

    Sorry,I don't have a full schematic
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    SMPS Switching transistor getting too hot

    hi I am trying to repair a SF-PW yamabishi make CNC sprintle control power supply. Now the smps on but,switching transistor C3150 getting too hot.The older transistor was C3148. I put C3150 instead of C3148. the datasheets are almost same . anyone have experience about this power supply please...
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    [SOLVED] Simple LED Blinking Program 8051

    Hi friends Attached here with a program file 8051 based. According to this program, all LED s are direct on when the power switched on. and off when the button press one by one I need to change the program, all LEDs are OFF when the power switched on. and ON when the button press one by one. pls...
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    Li-ion Battery charger need help

    Thanks for reply. i have attached the datasheet here. regards maxim
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    Li-ion Battery charger need help

    A Lithium iron Phosphate battery voltage is 3.2v and capacity is 5000mAh. what is the charging current if I make a charger for single cell ? Data sheet said that 1C rating. if 1C =5 amp for one hour that means a 5amp charger enough ? awaiting reply maxim
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    NI-MH Battery charger circuit help

    Friends I need a charger circuit for 12x 1.2volt,2100Mah NI-MH Batteries .(14.4V) here what will the out put voltage and current for charging this 12 batteries ? which switching transformer for suitable this application ? Can you help? maxim10373
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    An1660 low-cost induction motor controller

    Hi Guys, Anyone have tried to AN1660 Induction motor speed controller? Please share your experience here. Which is the complete source code (.Hex) in this attached file ? Maxim
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    Motorola microcontroller program

    Dear all MC68331CFC16 is programmable ? any program inside of this chip ?
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    [SOLVED] Simple led on off circuit 8051

    Friends This is a simple LED on off with a push button program. can you help me to add ; when push the button more than twenty (20) seconds The LED should be OFF. regards AJAY [#include<reg52.h> /* special function register declarations */ /* for the intended 8051...
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    Glossy papper for sensing application

    Dear, I have attached an image of a pepper type reflector for sensing applications. Can you tell which type of material is this and which type of sensor sutable for This reflector . If possible make a schematic also. Thanks Maxim
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    Siemens SITOP 20 switch mode powersupply

    Hi friends I am try to repair this SMPS Siemens SITOP 20 . When I switch on the powersupply Power transistor getting blast. I changed all capacitors and faulty componants on control board The original powertransistor they used ON5134 and I trieng BUV48A. I could not find datasheet of ON5134 ...
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    Current Transformer Identification

    hi All According to this diagram, what is the rating of the current transformer ? This is a 1HP 3phase induction motor starter with over current protection circuit. thanks Maxim
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    microcontroller based inverter (drivers, mosfets, transformers, losses, efficiency)

    https://www.edaboard.com/threads/339604/ please check above article. - - - Updated - - - This document may help you.

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